Are you thinking of entering the Passing of the Ice Dragon Arts & Sciences Pentathlon? And perhaps in any of the following categories: Beverages, Culinary Arts, Curiosa or Performance Arts? Then you should be aware that these entries are handled a wee bit different as before the Plague, and now have their own deadline, too!

The Special Instruction Categories deadline is February 15, 2022

Beverages category: German Roggenbier or rye beer, entered in the Passing of the Ice Dragon, AS 51

As the Beverages, Culinary Arts and Curiosa categories have special preparation needs, especially this year, entrants are required to contact the Pent Coordinator before registering to make sure their entry can be processed. The Pent Coordinator is preparing a ‘double’ event – so to speak – to be prepared for the preferred in-person even but also to have a virtual option as a back up.

Assuming the event is in person, then judging will be on site. You would come in, register, and drop off / set up entries – business as usual. Similarly, Performance entries will be scheduled for the theater and times will be assigned when you sign in.

But, if we are not in person, then the Pent Coordinator will make every attempt to make connections between entrants and judges / judge groups to get materials from the entrants to the judges. This system worked adequately well last year, both at the Pent as well as with Kingdom Champs – but this will only work well with enough warning to make arrangements. For the Performing Arts, we’ll set up zoom performance venues (which seems so easy now, right?).

A double Culinary Arts entry: leavening or yeast cakes, and the Pompeii bread made with them, by Cristina inghean Ghriogair at the Passing of the Ice Dragon Pent AS52

More questions? Please check the Pent website or contact Pent Coordinator Cori.

We are all looking forward in anticipation to seeing what the artisans of our Sylvan Kingdom will share with us at this second year of the Plague Pent! I’ve already heard rumors of full pent entries in development… and will cross my fingers for an in-person event as I really want to peruse the tables and see the wondrous entries in 4K…uh, I meant, 3D – obviously!

– Elska