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Join the Industrious Barony of Thescorre as we partake in our annual wintertime  schola, this time with a new twist!

Our Theme

Rediscovering the Dream: It’s the Journey, Not the Destination.
For more information, see the event page.


Class Registration is live and we are now accepting classes for this fabulous event. We cannot run our beloved schola without the work of the amazing teachers throughout the SCA and we’re delighted to offer themed tracks this year that fit our theme of Its the Journey, not the Destination. We’re honoring that spirit of the newcomer (to the SCA) and the novice to our crafts!

Follow this link to register to teach.
  • Track 1: SCA Newcomers. These are classes geared toward people who have just joined the SCA. These can be about SCA-specific terminology, or clothing that signifies a station/order. What even are the awards? What are the officers and what do they do? Think back to when you joined and teach about something you would have loved to know back then.
  • Track 2: Novice. For people new to an art/science/activity. These are fondly referred to as “Beginner Classes”. What can you teach the very beginning of? Basic footwork? Simple stitching? Maybe making rice? Whatever you can think of to get someone started on their own journey.
  • Track 3: Tips and Tricks. These will be classes taught by veterans of an art/science/activity, that offer hacks and helpful hints on how to accomplish that task easier/quicker/better. Maybe it’s a class on how not to burn out, or how to organize a kitchen so that you serve on time. Maybe you have tricks for how to herald a court or how to make a specific award medallion for easy largess. Anything you have done that makes life in the SCA easier and more fun, pass it on!
  • Track 4: Peer Challenge. We issue a challenge (all in fun, of course) to the Peers of the Kingdom! We want you to try something NEW! Have you been doing service since you joined, but never had time to try out calligraphy? Now is your chance! Have you spent every event in the kitchen, but never had the opportunity to try out fencing? This pause in our SCA lives has allowed us a beautiful moment. We have the chance to think about what we really WANT. We have the grace of this moment to consider WHY we spend our precious little time on THIS hobby. Use this time to explore something new and then share that experience with us. You can do this as a question and answer, a show and tell, even amusing anecdotes about your times trying out your “new thing”. Step off your personal path for just a moment and try a different journey, even just for a short time. We hope it brings you joy and that you find renewed interest in our Dream.
  • Track 5: Other. Of course, there will be an “Other” category for those who have classes that they would like to share that don’t fit the above categories. We would just ask that you give us a short blurb about how it might fit the theme of “Reimagining the Dream – A New Journey”. You can get creative. It’s kinda what we do.

A&S Challenge

We, the autocrats of College of Three Ravens (Virtual!) wish to issue forth these Arts and Sciences challenges unto you all!

We know our Kingdom, as well as all other kingdoms who might hear of our missive, is full of skilled artisans! Masters of their crafts! We know this and celebrate you all for it!

And now we ask you to challenge yourself and try your hand at a NEW arts and sciences track, and show us your results! For this year’s College of Three Ravens, we have three A&S tracks that we seek entries to, all within our theme of Reimagining the Dream!

Our categories of competition are:
  • 1st Attempts – anything you have never done before, but always wanted to try out. Share your new found excitement with us!
  • The Journey – Show us your project, from the earliest learning of the art to as complete as you want to consider it. You don’t need to have a “complete” project for this one, just show your work! 🙂
  • Beauty in Failure – Share your attempts that didn’t succeed. We learn from our mistakes, so this is your chance to help us all learn!

**For all of the categories, be prepared to share your favorite part of the experience, even if it was laughing at yourself when it didn’t work. Help us experience your art through your joy.**

A&S Registration form here.

Come, try your hand at something new and be celebrated for it!

In service to the Dream,
Lady Gwen Cooke and Lord Torbjorn Sigurdson, C3R (virtual) Autocrats