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Image courtesy of the Medieval and Renaissance Graduate Student Association of Ohio State University.

Announcement from Captain Elias Gedney, Chancellor of the Pennsic University:

In [a previous] message announcing the opening of the Thing to new Class submissions for this coming Pennsic, we announced our plans to make our classes as safe from the contagion sweeping out lands as we can possibly do. We have been informed that we need to make some clarifications on these policies.

Firstly, the Pennsic University Tent and Masking policies are not intended to, and will not, supersede the relevant policies of the Kingdom of Æthelmearc, which has the final say in this regard. Competent authority from the Kingdom of Æthelmearc have reviewed and approved the University plans for masking and keeping tents open as much as possible to to promote continuous air exchange.

It is important to note that, at all times, the Kingdom policy will supersede any University policy. The University can make a tougher policy at its discretion, but it cannot make the Kingdom policy looser or inapplicable in any way. The Æthelmearc Covid policies will always apply as a baseline. The University requests masking inside tents IN ADDITION TO the Kingdom Policy.

Secondly, the Policy regarding masking and ventilation was informally titled as “University CovidSafe Policy.” This policy has NO RELATION WHATSOEVER to the SCA “COVIDSafe” policy which governs vaccination/test status and documentation of same for admittance to events. We will be renaming this policy officially to a less confusing name in the near future.

Any changes to the University policy in this regard will be made in communication with the Æthelmearc Seneschallate and the Kingdom Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for Pandemics.

The SCA Covid Safe Policy may be found at the Official SCA website.

The Æthelmearc Covid policy (which includes the masking requirements) may be found here.

CDC guidance consulted in formulating the University policy is available here.