Lady Elswyth Rosamond (mka Rosalie Mae Carter Hillman) passed away on February 7 at the age of 83. In addition to holding an AoA, she was a member Thescorre’s service order, the Raven’s Feather, and a recipient of Æthelmearc’s Order of the Keystone, also for service.

Her daughter, Brehyres Gwendolyn the Graceful, says she frequently served at troll and as event registration clerk, and sang in Thescorre’s choir, Ravensong.

Her Excellency Dubheasa, Baroness of Thescorre, says “I knew Lady Elswyth as Ro. My first event was C3R (College of Three Ravens) over 20 years ago. I walked into the event, not knowing what to do or where to go. Ro was sitting at Troll, and when I told her I was new, she directed me to the kitchen. I spent that event in the kitchen, making life-long friends. I also spent several events sitting next to Ro at Troll, where I delighted in her knowledge and sense of humor. Because of Ro, I’ve developed my passions of the kitchens and service to Thescorre and Æthelmearc. I am forever grateful I knew Lady Elswyth.”

Dame Aine O’Muirghesan remembers “When I was expecting Emily, I bought Adam tickets to a Mandy Patinkin concert at the Eastman Théâtre for his birthday, the beginning of January. Emily wasn’t due until January 17, so we were good. Except the little stinker came three weeks early. So I needed a sitter, for a newborn baby. Mom (Rosalie) to the rescue! She and Gwen also gifted me with a rocking chair, because they had an extra one, and I should have one to rock my baby. I remember her kindness.”

Mistress Orianna Fridrikskona says: “I remember her working troll and being part of Ravensong. She always had a sweet smile and was a delight to be around and work with.”

Her obituary is available here.

There will be no memorial at this time. A celebration of her life is planned for June.

A Ravensong performance. Lady Elswyth is in the center, in light green.