From the Kingdom Seneschale:

I was recently asked about which CDC Covid Map are we using to determine mask use – the answer is this one – the CDC COVID-19 Integrated County View


You’ll notice that most of AEthelmearc is red and orange. However, we have some counties that are yellow: Wyoming County NY, Livingston County, NY, and Orleans County, NY.

Per AE’s Masking guidelines, people attending indoor SCA practices and events happening in those counties do not have to wear masks – if they are vaccinated (or are under the age of 2.)

Before you go “WOOHOO!!! Party at Thescorre!!!”, if you live in a substantial or high transmission (aka Red and Orange) county, please continue to wear your mask at indoor events and practices until your county goes yellow or green. There’s little way for the Seneschalte to regulate this so we are asking you to do so on your honor.

We are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel (or this long winter.) I am hopeful. I also know that things are not moving as fast as some would like (or too fast for others.) I ask that you please remember to treat everyone with kindness and understanding. We are a society built on honor and chivalry and I ask for everyone to remember that.


Monica Gaudio
Kingdom Seneschal