Congratulations! You have just been given an award that comes with a Grant of Arms! Your hard work, artistry or marshal skills have just been recognized and you’ve been handed a beautiful scroll. What happens next?

Welcome to the Order! In Æthelmearc, we customarily use the title “The Honorable (Lady/Lord)” or the gender neutral “Noble” for holders of a Grant of Arms. You may also use any of the alternate titles allowed by the College of Heralds, found here Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (sca.org).

Most Polling Orders recommend people who excel in either a skill or an area of service, the teaching of others, service to the Society and demeanor worthy of the Order (often you will hear the phrase PLQ’s -Peer-like Qualities – and it applies to the Grant level orders as well as the Peerage). Generally, you will have made an impact within the Kingdom in some area or have held varying responsibilities in your local group. It is an accolade, but also an encouragement to continue what you are doing that brings you joy.

As a member of a Polling Order, one of your most important new jobs is to advise the Crown and bring to Their notice gentles who would make a good addition to the order (the same holds true for the Peerage Orders; this is actually codified under the responsibility of a Peer in Corpora).

Orders generally put out a poll once each reign, and the Order members vote candidates. The results of these polls are then sent to the Royalty, who take them into consideration when bestowing awards during their reign. It is their sole prerogative whether to give awards or not, but in practice most Royalty are guided by the Order polls.

How do you get on the polling list? So glad you asked! The easiest way is to contact the clerk for your specific Order as soon as possible. Here is the list of all the Æthelmearc clerks.
Polling Orders | The Sylvan Kingdom of Æthelmearc (aethelmearc.org)

Contact the Clerk for your order today and get on the list! Without your input, other deserving gentles will not be recognized!