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Greetings Populace and Brewers of Æthelmearc!

As of Thursday April 28 at 7PM, Master Madoc Arundel stepped down as Head of the Royal Æthelmearc Guild of Brewers, Vintners, and Meadhers, and we, Mistress Elska á Fjárfelli, assisted by Guild Deputy Lady Violeta de Valencia, are taking over leadership of the Brewers Guild.

Lady Violeta and I would like to thank Master Madoc for the awesome job he did with the Guild, growing its presence in person as well as online. I can’t think of saying our thanks any better than old-time brewer Master Artemius of Delftwood: “You fostered and advanced guild and mentored many of the members. You encouraged many of us to try new recipes and gave honest feedback that helped us all grow as brewers. The kingdom has benefited from your efforts on many levels. Thank you very much for your service and guidance over the years.” Thank you from the bottom of our heart!

Naturally, we jumped right into the job and are busily coordinating Guild participation both at Æthelmearc War Practice and of course at Pennsic Royal. Our new Guild Chamberlain Lord Jean Phillipe from St. Swithin’s Bog started inventory of the Guild equipment right away to make sure everything is spic and span come Pennsic Bar time, with a hopeful early appearance of the bar at War Practice. And don’t worry, we will track down you active brewers and see what we can coordinate for Pennsic bar donations soon (please PM or email us).

For those who are not as familiar with the two of us – or just itching to get out and share a good home brew – the Brewers Guild, in collaboration with Bardic Champion Master Morien MacBain, will host a Brews & Bardic in the Barn Social Friday evening from 4 to 8PM in the Great Hall during War Practice (stay tuned for more on this event). Come say hi, share a brew, admire the Guild bar & taps, and hang out to enjoy the song & stories! After two years of Plague, I am betting there are some stories…!

Again, thank you, Master Madoc, for your service to the Æthelmearc Brewing community, and for your offer to stay on as Guild Webminister. We hope to do you proud. Understandably, the Guild is not quite the same now as when we the Plague first manifested and we figure it best to start back up with a clean slate. If you consider yourself an active brewer and/or active Guild Officer, please reach out (sooner rather than later) so we can update the Guild Roster, etc.

Lady Violeta and I look very much forward to help the Guild back on its feet, and welcome back our brewers, vintners and meadhers. Now go forth, and ferment All The Things!

Mistress Elska and Lady Violeta
Head of the Brewers Guild, and Deputy

Learn more about the Æthelmearc Brewers Guild here