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Documented from the Rolls and Files of the Coram Regibus of Thomas Byron II Rex and Ariella II Regina, King and Queen of Æthelmearc: Being a True Record of the Business of Their Royal Court at Blackstone Raid XXIX, 23 April, Anno Societatis LVI, in the Barony of Blackstone Mountain. As recorded by Gwendolyn the Graceful, Brehyres, Meistr-y-gân, Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald, assisted by The Honorable Lady Kathryn MacLuing, Millrind Herald.

King Byron and Queen Ariella, accompanied by Cunedda Kell and Alanna of the Horseclans, Baron and Baroness of Blackstone Mountain, invited Their Cousins, Pietro Nicolo da San Tebaldo and Aurelia Rosetti, Barone and Baronessa of the Cleftlands, to join Them in Court.

Their Majesties then sent the kingdom’s youth in pursuit of toys from Lady Forevelth Dunde.

The Crowns welcomed those gentles attending their first Royal Court, whereupon Her Majesty presented them each with a coin of the reign.

Their Majesties gladly received words of friendship from Their Royal Cousins Midrealm, King Ullr and Queen Annalise, brought to Them by the Barone and Baronessa Cleftlands.

Understanding that Baron Ichijo Honen and Baroness Cerridwen de Skeine, having entered retirement, still had business to attend, Their Majesties invited Their Excellencies to join Their Court. Their Majesties then empowered Baron Ichijo and Baroness Cerridwen temporarily with the authority of Blackstone Mountain, and gave unto them and their successors, Baron Cunedda and Baroness Alanna, leave to perform the business of both of their courts.

At the conclusion of the Court(s) Baronial, Their Majesties received Master Hrolfr a Fjarfelli to announce the results of the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire. Master Hrolfr shared that the populace had voted for Baron Snorri skyti Bjarnarson and The Honorable Lady Astriðr Vigaskegg in equal measures. Their Majesties also announced that Lady Avitoria Vidua had earned the Queen’s Prize, and Lady Aurelie de la Rose had won the King’s Prize.

Their Majesties summoned Caulder Rustningsmannen before them. Praising his skills, especially in the fields of leatherwork, armoring, and fighting, They were moved to Award him Arms. Scroll by Lady Forveleth Dunde.

Their Majesties next requested that Master Morien MacBain present himself to the Court in his capacity as half of the Sylvan Bard dynamic duo. Master Morien entertained the populace with his pair of poems dedicated to His Majesty and Her Majesty, to great acclaim.

Next did the Crowns desire to speak with Biarna of Blackstone. Speaking with admiration for her scribal arts, They saw fit to name her to the nobility, and Award her Arms. Scroll by The Honorable Lady Eleanore Godwin.

Their Majesties brought Lugaid Ó Cellaigh before them to speak with him of his service. Noting that his quiet and constant effort was worthy of recognition, They were moved to Award him Arms. Scroll by Master Dagonell of Collingwood, the Juggler.

Following this, Their Majesties sought Lord Samuel of Great Oaks and Alexander O’Faolain. Their Majesties recounted again how the quick action, selflessness, and bravery of these two gentles, at the Tournament of the White Hart, saved the life of a child. For this singular act of courage and chivalry, Their Majesties bestowed upon each of them the Golden Escarbuncle.

Their Majesties next called forward Gnæus Iulius Celsus. Praising Celsus’ skills with thrown weapons, and the bow, They were well pleased to Award him Arms. Scroll by Baron Robaird O’Suillheabhain, known as Brother Bobby.

Hobbit of Blackstone was next brought into the Royal Presence.Their Majesties took note of his willingness to help at events, including setup and teardown. In recognition of these noble acts, They saw fit to Award him Arms. Promissory Scroll by Lady Murdia Drusilla Vellia Portia.

Their Majesties desired that Lorelei of Blackstone attend Them. In recognition of her remarkable artistic skills in one so young, They named her a Companion of the Order of the Silver Sycamore. Scroll forthcoming.

Her Majesty sought Richard the Black to recognize his dedication to fighting, in spite of the day’s heat, and name him her inspiration of the day.

Their Majesties invited all scribes who contributed to the Court that day to take a selection from the scribal “goodie basket” in gratitude for their skills and in hope that it will assist them in future creations. Their Majesties further thanked all who attended and made the day memorable.

There being no further business, Court was closed.

Faithfully Submitted,

Gwendolyn the Graceful, Brehyres (OL)
Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald