Hello folks. I’m wearing both my Baronial Signet and my Regional Signet hat today.

Now that we’ve seen a return to in-person events, we have been blessed with a great many wonderful awards. Our scribes are awesome and talented and have risen to the challenge.

With each scroll, we try to include a scroll case so that the beautiful piece of art can be transported home safely without damage.

However, as a result, we are now running low on scroll cases!

This is a good problem to have! But now I’m asking folks to take a look around and see if they have any scroll cases at home that could be returned for Baronial and/or Kingdom use (you should get that scroll framed and put on display anyway).

Also, if folks have the time and inclination to make scroll cases, they are just two pieces of cardboard covered in fabric…a great way to use up scraps! Most scrolls fall between 9×12 and 12×20, so those sizes of scroll cases are the most useful.

I will be at War Practice. (I’m also Signet Of The Day) Scribal Playtime will be on Saturday from 1-5 in the Great Hall and I’ll be there. This would be the perfect time and place to drop off scroll cases.

I will also be at BMDL’s Japanese Iris Festival on June 4. And, of course, Pennsic.

Thank you in advance!!!

In service,

THL Rachel Dalicieux