THLord Aidan Gunn passed away on Sunday, April 24, 2022, at his home in the Shire of Steltonwald. He was 53.

His Lordship had served for six years as Seneschal of Steltonwald. In years past, he was involved in Thrown Weapons as a local and regional marshal, and served as Kingdom Thrown Weapons Champion for King Christopher and Queen Maurya.

After hearing about the SCA from his sister, his first event was Pennsic when he was only 14. He didn’t formally join the SCA until A.S.34, along with his wife, THLady Cionaodh Gunn. They both quickly became very active in assisting with events and activities in Steltonwald.

He received his Award of Arms from King Christopher and Queen Maurya at War Practice in A.S. 38 for his skill at thrown weapons, and more awards followed including a Keystone, a Golden Alce (also for thrown weapons), and a Millrind from Kin Byron and Queen Ariella in A.S. 51.

Master Creador Twinedragon recalls, “I am very sad with the loss of one of the bravest friends I have had. Why was Aidan one of the bravest people I know? Because he loved earnestly and openly, he showed kindness and caring without reservations. He was funny and calming and just a good person.”

Sir Oliver Sutton says “There are men that I grew up watching that taught me the type of man that I wanted to be. Fred Rogers, Bob Ross, Steve Irwin. They displayed a generosity of spirit, love of life, and kindness that I aspire to uphold. I fail more often than I succeed, but I strive. THL Aidan was on par with those men. His kindness and gentleness helped inspire me to be a better man. The world is dimmer without him in it, but our lives are all brighter for having known him.”

Baron Christian Goldenlok also remarked on Aidan’s kindness. “When we first moved to Pittsburgh, Aidan was one of the first people to invite my wife and I to go to the Canton meetings in an attempt to expand our friends network. I’ll never forget him because he was the first SCA “acquaintance” to make me feel loved and supported outside of my initial friend bubble. I was never made to feel anything more than royal around him. As I think of him fondly, I’ll try to remember how he treated me in an attempt to pay that forward to others.”

Mistress Alessandra d’Avignon notes, “Blood does not make family. A brother, a friend, an incredible uncle to my kids. A person that could make me whole again with just a hug and you always knew when I needed a hug and wouldn’t let go until I was better. Your kindness and outlook on the world helped us find the good that still exists.”

His modern obituary can be found here.

The family has asked that monetary donations be given to the American Heart Association or Angels for Animals.