This coming weekend, the Spring Æthelmearc Æcademy and War College will host many classes on diverse topics. But be prepared, as well as a Silent Auction to benefit SASS! Shaykha Jân al-Tha’lab from the Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais, better known as Fox, is working hard to raise enough funds to be able to supply provisions for our Pennsic fighters. For now, she’s mostly made use of donations jars but to reach her end goal she plans a one-time silent auction at the Æcademy and War College. Traditionally, SASS is funded through a donation jar at the well-attended Adult Swim, but with event disruptions due to the Plague, this option was not available for our fighters this year.What is SASS? The Sylvan Army Support Staff provides food, water, basic first aid and armor/weapon repair stuffs to support and aid our Kingdom’s fighters and fencers while they’re on the field at Pennsic, WP, and several other events. We are a group of volunteers funded primarily through monetary donations from our populace, which is used to procure the Gatorade, pickles, olives, watermelons, oranges, pretzels, etc to literally feed an army, and a terrifying amount of duct tape.

Please check out the SASS Silent Auction and bid generously! Or, if your house is as full as mine, you are also more than welcome to add directly to the donation jar, of course.

The Spring Æcademy and War College will be held in the Shire of Coppertree at Camp Kingsley, 5330 Tuffy Road, Ava, New York on June 18, 2022 and is a Royal Event. Please contact Master Fridrikr & Mistress Orianna, Chancellors of the Æcademy and Sir Beatrix Krieger, Dean of the War College, for more information on Æcademy.

Have books (sca tops), fighter gear or A&S specific goods spare to benefit Sass and our Pennsic fighters? I will be happy to take your donation (preferably before lunch) and add it to the silent auction menu. Baron Snorri skyti Bjarnarson is the event autocrat and can help track me down, or leave your donation at Troll when entering or at/under the Donations table.

Thank you so much!

Yours in service,