Documented from the Rolls and Files of the Coram Regibus of Thomas Byron II Rex and Ariella II Regina, King and Queen of Æthelmearc: Being a True Record of the Business of Their Royal Court at the Spring Æthelmearc Æcademy, 18 June, Anno Societatis LVII, in the Shire of Coppertree. As recorded by Gwendolyn the Graceful, Brehyres, Meistr-y-gân, Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald, assisted by The Honorable Lady Nichola Beese.

In the morning, Their Majesties inquired of The Honorable Lady Beatrice de Winter whether she felt hale enough to sit in contemplation whether she might accept elevation to the Most Noble Order of the Laurel. Her Ladyship replied that she did feel a touch light-headed but that it was indeed her intention to comply. Upon this answer, Their Majesties invited Master Cerian Cantwr of the Midrealm to come forward and receive back Her Ladyship’s belt of apprenticeship. Court was suspended.

In the evening, Their Majesties sent the youth of the kingdom in pursuit of Simon á Fjarfelli and the Toybox.

Their Majesties presented drinking vessels to the newcomers at the event.


Their Majesties received gifts and a message of friendship from representatives from the Barony of Bergental in the East.

Their Majesties gave leave to the Event Steward, Baron Snorri skyti Bjarnarson, to speak to the populace on behalf of the event staff. Their Majesties also invited the Chancellors of the Æcademy, Goði Fridrikr Tomasson and Mistress Orianna Fridrikskona, to thank the teachers who made the event such a success.

Their Majesties then sought Lord Gunnlaud Leifson. Praising his dedication to martial practice and his impressive skills in the art of war, They were moved to name him a Companion of the Order of the
Golden Alce. Scroll by MeiLon upon wording by Master Po Silvertop.

Their Majesties next requested Mistress Elska á Fjarfelli. Lest this good lady find herself in confusion as to the reason for her summons, Their Majesties spoke of her skill in archery, which made Them well pleased to name her a Companion of the Order of the Golden Alce. Scroll illuminated by Maîtresse Melisande of the Gryphon Wood, calligraphy by Master Jonathan Blaecstan.

Their Majesties also sought the presence of Baroness Clarice Roan. Noting that Her Excellency has also achieved consistent skill with thrown weapons, and that she enthusiastically assists others in their pursuit of thrown weapons prowess, They were moved to add Her Excellency as well to the Order of the Golden Alce. Scroll by Baroness Amalie Reinhardt.

Their Majesties then desired that Baroness Annika Iosafova present herself before the throne. Their Majesties spoke of Her Excellency’s generosity and kind spirit, always making others feel welcomed and at ease. As outward proof of Her Excellency’s unfailing courtesy, They were moved to name her a Companion of the Cornelian. Scroll by Baron Caleb Reynolds.

Their Majesties wished next to be attended by Lady Vedis Aradottir. Noting this lady’s diligent service as exchequer, and particularly her work to rehabilitate the shire’s books, They were well-pleased to name her a Companion of the Order of the Keystone. Scroll by Baroness Antoinette de Lorraine.

Their Majesties desired that Master Robert of Ferness come forward. They imparted to Master Robert that word had reached Them of his efforts to maintain the arts community in the ethereal realms, They were moved to name him also a Companion of the Order of the Keystone. Scroll by Lady Murdia Drusilla Vettia Portia.

Their Majesties extended to Master Hrolf á Fjarfelli time in Court to address the populace regarding the upcoming Arts and Sciences War Point at Pennsic. Master Hrolf announced that Master Morien MacBain had been added as an additional representative of the Kingdom, and added that he also needs additional judges for the War Point.

Before he was released, however, Their Majesties commented that he never seemed to come to them to inform them of problems or opportunities, without first having done the work of devising solutions or ways to take advantage. It was noted that others also had observed this trend, and desired that Their Majesties take action to recognize this quality. Thus, Their Majesties summoned Their Noble Order of the Millrind, and named Master Hrolf one of its Companions. Scroll by The Honorable Lady Gesa von Wellenstein.

Their Majesties then required attendance by Lord Bjarki Rikardson. Noting that this gentle’s skill and prowess were incontrovertible, They spoke of how They have come to rely on his sword and look forward to his bouts. Since there were others who had a similar assessment, They called for the members of the Noble Order of the Gage to come forward and witness as They Granted Bjarki Arms and named him a Companion of their number. Scroll forthcoming.

Next, Their Majesties had further business with Baron Snorri skyti Bjarnarson. They remarked on His Excellency’s relentless pursuit of the art of the bow, and his efforts to excel within the community of archers as well as his work to assist others on their path. They then invited Their Noble Order of the Scarlet Guard and the visiting member of the Greenwood Company forward to welcome His Excellency into that Order. Scroll calligraphy by Master Jonathan Blaecstan, illumination unsigned.

Their Majesties then invited Her Grace, Duchess Gabrielle von Nijinrode, to present herself. Her Majesty spoke of Her Grace’s unfailing courtesy, charity, kindness, and benevolence, as well as the thoroughness with which Her Grace and His Grace Timothy embraced the Kingdom of Æthelmearc and have come to embody the spirit of the realm. In recognition of this singular dedication and incomparable quality possessed by Her Grace, They named her Their Jewel of Æthelmearc. Scroll by Master Christofano Vecchione.

At this time, news reached the Court that The Honorable Lady Beatrice, while sitting her vigil earlier that day, had succumbed to the faintness that was overtaking her and she had mysteriously and suddenly expired. Though saddened, Their Majesties agreed that funerary rites must be observed, and called for her cortege to approach, along with the Companions of the Most Noble Order of the Laurel. Master Cerian Cantwr begged Their Majesties to raise Her Ladyship to the rank of the Laurel, that her soul might be sent to rest with the fullest honors. Their Majesties heard words of support from Her Grace, Duchess Gabrielle von Nijinrode, Royal Peer; from Master Dorinda Courtenay, Order of Defense, delivered by Master Diego Miguez Munoz de Castilla; from Duke Christopher Rawlins, Knight, delivered by Sir Otto of Westphalia; from Baron Caleb Reynolds; Master of the Pelican; and from Master Cerian Cantwr, her erstwhile Laurel. While Their Majesties were well satisfied with these endorsements, Mistress Luceta di Cosimo entreated Them to pause for a brief moment to ensure that all things had been done correctly and that Her Ladyship’s spirit would be free to leave its mortal remains and go to its place of rest in
peace. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), items from Mistress Luceta’s list appeared to have been wisely chosen, for in the middle of her inventory, Her Ladyship was revived, whereupon she was able to accept the accolade which the Crown had offered. After receiving her oath of service, They bestowed upon her the regalia of her new station: medallion, wreath, and cape, and conferred upon her by letters Patent the title of Mistress of the Most Noble Order of the Laurel. Scroll illuminated by Mistress Luceta di Cosimo, upon parchment made and calligraphed by The Honorable Lady Nichola Beese, with wording by
Gwendolyn the Graceful, Brehyres (OL).

Before releasing the Order, Their Majesties required The Honorable Lady Renata Rouge to present herself,. They spoke of her skill with the needle, as well as her exemplary, peerlike quality. Finding Her Ladyship in all ways to be a master of her art, They directed her to choose a future date wherein she might also sit vigil to contemplate elevation as a Laurel. Scroll by Baron Padraig O’Branduibh.

Having added Her Ladyship Renata to the ranks of the vigilant, Their Majesties also summoned Master Morien MacBain. With praise for his skill in poetry and the way that he has pushed his art to new heights, They issued him also with a Writ of Summons to choose a mutually agreeable time and place for induction into the Order of the Laurel. Scroll by Master Kieran MacRae.

Her Majesty asked The Honorable Lord Ælfric the Kestrell, of the Order of the Greenwood Company, to come forward. Her Majesty explained that His Lordship had had come from great distance for the sole purpose of greeting Baron Snorri into the Order of the Scarlet Guard. For this act of friendship and generosity, Her Majesty was moved to name him her Inspiration of the Day.

Their Majesties then offered scribal supplies to all those scribes who contributed to the day’s scrolls, in thanks and recompense, and encouraged others to take up the brush and pen to help adorn the Courts of Æthelmearc.

There being no further business, Court was closed.

Faithfully Submitted,
Gwendolyn the Graceful, Brehyres (OL)
Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald