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Pennsic is nearly upon us and the Æthelmearc Brewers Guild is happy to announce that the Æ Royal Bar will be back once again this year!

Because of the unusual circumstances of this Pennsic and the precautions that are necessary to keep our populace safe, the bar will be running on a much shorter schedule than last Pennsic.

We hope to be open for Order meetings, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Court, Baronial dinner, and the Kingdom party; with the possible addition of a few more hours depending on need and interest.

That said, we need you. To make this happen we need bar staff to help us man the bar and keep the drinks flowing. We are looking for volunteers to work the events and times the bar is scheduled to be operating. There are time slots of 30 minutes but of course more is always appreciated; we know there are many opportunities to volunteer around Pennsic, and your time is precious to us.

Pennsic Bar Schedule google doc Sign Up Sheet

If there are any Baronies / Shires / Households / groups or individuals that would like to staff the bar for certain events or certain days, please feel free to sign up as a group or singularly. We will need someone to be the point of contact for group sign-ups, and would ask for a contact method for anyone taking a solo shift. We need at least 2 people, but prefer 3 to cover each shift, so if there is an empty slot in the schedule, please feel free to take it – the more the merrier!

If you know your availability or if you have a preference for working a specific time frame, you may sign up for that slot now by contacting me via Facebook Messenger at Vick Presler, or via email or Elska via Facebook Messenger at Elska á Fjárfelli, or via email. During Pennsic, starting Peace Week, please contact Elska via text or call at 315-200-9738 or 607-351-5181 (Hrolfr) for any questions or to sign up for a shift.

In Service,
THL Lasairfhiona inghen Aindriasa
Butler, Æthelmearc Brewers Guild