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The Pennsic Guides are now available on the Pennsic website home page here. Scroll down to see them. Note that the University Booklet and Event Guide will not be distributed in printed form at Pennsic this year, only the Hand Out, which has QR codes linking to the other two guides as well as additional resources.

In addition, a list of the merchants who will be at Pennsic is listed below. Note that this does not include food vendors.

Pennsic 49 Merchants List:

A Case Of Random
A Leather Crafter
A’s Round Pottery
ArmStreet LLC
Artful Badger Designs
Ash And Griffin Pottery
Auntie Arwen’s Spices
Aurora’s Creations
BadAss Garb
Barb’s Garb
Black Mountain Clothiers
Blades By Violent Discord
Blue Unicorn
Boots By Bohemond
Brandr Forge
Briar Patch Garb
Brothers Cross Trading Company
Calontir Trim
Camelot Treasures
Caravan Crossroads
Carolina Calicoes
Cat Man Do Designs
Catskill Mountain Moccasins
Circle Works
Claybaby Pottery
Crafty Celts
Dancing Pig Pots
DeRosas Leatherworks
Designs By J
Drachenstein Treasures
Dragonscale Jewelry
Dru Shoemaker / Trouvere Music Works
Earth And Loom
Egill’s Woodstuffs
Elk Ridge Archery
Fearghal Blades
Feed The Ravens
Fiona’s Fineries
Fire Horse Pottery
Gaukler Medieval Wares
Gode Erthe Pottes
Green Mountain Leathercraft
Grey Goose Bows
Greybarr Traditional Archery, LLC
Griffins Gate Clothing
Gryphon Furniture
Guild Mirandola
Gwen Erin Natural Fibers
Hero’s Haven
Historical Glassworks
Hrymgnar’s New + Used Booty
Ian’s Grove
Icefalcon Armory
Iron Cross Tailor
Irontree Works, Inc
Just Plain Plunder
Kemmer Woodworks
Kentucky Leather And Hide
Kings Ransom
Knights Of The Classroom, LLC
Knives Of The North
Kraken Apothecary LLC
Laurel Cavanaugh, Goldsmith
LeEllen Expressions
Littlehammers Forge
Livonia Smithery
Macklemore’s Thrift Store By Merchant’s Wares
Magrebi Imports
Maison Rive Historic Clothing And Supplies
Malik’s Bazaar
Mediaeval Miscellanea
Mid East Magic /Possibly Period
Minerva’s Spindle
Minnow Creek Ceramics LLC
Miriam’s Yarns And Fibers
Misc Etc
Moongate Designs
Moonstich Leather & Silver
Munitions Grade Arms
Neverland Designs
New Mythology Press (formerly Aesc & Thorn Publishing)
Nightshade Leather
Nordic Trader
North Star Armoury
Orion’s Belt Shop
Palmyra Traders
Past Tyme Perfumerie
Peacock’s Nest Studio
Pine Box Traders
Please Touch Pottery
Prismatic Scales
Rabenwald Metalsmything
Red Falcon
Red Headed Wench
Reliquary Arcanum
Renaissance Arts & Design
Revival Leather Goods/ Adkins Historic Reproductions
Roanoke’s Attic Goods
Rock Top Bookshop And Bindery Aka The Haunted Bookshop
Royal Blue Traders
Sarasvati’s Call
Serpents Eye
Sharp Pointy Things
Sigrid And Magnus Leather Emporium
Silver Dragon Company
Silvertree Souq
Skapa Leather, LLC
Skjaldborg Artisans
Son Of Sandlar
Starlit Studio
Sultry Treasures By Debra
T L Barnes Enterprises
T.F. Woodcraft
Tea And Comfort
The Bee Folks
The Bored Housewife
The Celtic Cauldron
The Crown And Chalice
The Horny Viking LLC
The Magic Mirror
The Pennsic Independent
The Phoenix Nest
The Practical Goose
The Practical Viking
The Shadowed Stranger
The Silk Road Traders
The Tatterdemalion
The Treasury
Thorny Rose
Thorthor’s Hammer
TLC Leathercraft
Tomas The Lapidary’s Jewelry
Touch The Earth
Traders of Tamerlane
UnderWares: Historical Garments
Unicorns Garden
Ursula’s Alcove
Viking Archery Supply
Wanderlust Import Trading Company
White Wolf And The Phoenix
Windrose Armoury
Wire You Waiting
Zen Warrior Armory