The following missive was posted on social media by Lady Mordona Mayfel, and is reproduced here (with minor formatting edits) with permission: 

Greetings everyone! I’m Lady Mordona Mayfel, Assistant deputy mayor of Zoning and Planning “Land Office”. I wanted to stop in and give a quick introduction who I am and what’s going on for Independent “singles” camping this year. I will be your singles camping liaison again this year.

First, what is singles camping? Well its campable land set aside and reserved for any patron of Pennsic who doesn’t have a private camp for a home. It can be anyone, from new to veteran campers alike. If you come, we’ll have space for you.

Now that isn’t anything new, but here’s something that is. We’ll have staff and volunteers during daylight hours of operation to assist singles campers in finding a plot of land that best suits their needs for Pennsic. Want to be close to fighting and not need to hike all your heavy gear? What to be close to the Pennsic night life and parties? Need something quiet and kid friendly? We’ll find something that works for you.

How does one use this service? Well all you need to do is poke your friendly volunteers at Troll or Watch and they’ll radio for us and we’ll be there in a few minutes if we aren’t already there. During the week, it’ll just be myself, but on the high traffic weekends, we’ll have some volunteers to also assist in the daylight hours.

If you have any questions regarding singles camping, please send me an email at land2@pennsicwar.org

Thank you and I hope you all enjoy your war this year!