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Pennsic is just around the corner! What’s going on in, for and by our Kingdom? Read on for info about The Kingdom Encampment, Volunteer Opportunities, Royal Courts, Vigils and Elevations, Kingdom Activities, Populace War Points, and more! (Disclaimer: All info gathered from reputable sources, but may be incomplete, and/or subject to change.)

All About Royal

Æthelmearc Royal (“Royal” or “AE Royal” as it’s commonly called) is the heart of our Kingdom’s Activities. Located in block N04, next to First Aid Point, it features:

  • A Hospitality Tent and Table with greeters, schedules, retainer & guard signups, and a message board detailing happenings of the day and changes in schedule. You can even leave messages for Royalty, Their staff, and officers!
  • There’s also a large populace pavilion at the front where anyone can stop in and rest, with  breezes from fans, cold water, and charging ports (limited availability).
  • An inner courtyard area with a meeting tent, firepit, open space, and more (must be on the schedule to use).
  • AE Scribal tents with classes of all kinds! Check the class list and message board!
  • A private area in the back where our beloved Royals live (must be invited).

Volunteers Needed for the Kingdom!

Æthelmearc Royal is an incredible resource, but it’s big and robust! Something of that grand caliber doesn’t spring forth from the field like Athena! Many volunteers are needed for both set up and tear down. It takes a while, but it can seem like a breeze if there’s lots of people to help. Consider spending a couple hours:

  • Set up is Sunday, 7/31, starting at 10am (will go into the afternoon)
  • Tear down is Friday, 8/12, starting at 10am (will go into the afternoon)

Volunteers are also needed to staff the Hospitality table. Some might call it the cushiest volunteer opportunity at Pennsic. A nice seat in the shade and breeze, with plenty of water, opportunity to charge your phone, and lots of smiling faces! Plus, you’re in the know!

You can also sign up to volunteer a little of your time to retain or guard for Their Majesties or Highnesses. There will be sign-ups at Hospitality, or better yet, contact Their staffs ahead of time! (Sign up for the King & Queen, Sign up for the Prince & Princess). You’ll see so many sides of our War you may not see otherwise!

Of special note: The Herald’s Office and Signet will have a backlog scroll binder at hospitality – look at it for your backlog scrolls and your friends, too! Leave a message for the Heralds & Scribes to let them know how to get that beautiful new scroll to you!

Let’s Celebrate! Kingdom Celebrations!

Come participate in Opening Ceremonies! Sing and march and show the Knowne World who we are! We have the BEST seats in the house, as the home Kingdom! Muster 11am middle Saturday at AE Royal (bring water, shade, and your Kingdom and Baronial colors!). We’ll march out together in time for the ceremonies to begin by the Castle at noon.

The Æthelmearc Kingdom Party, one of the most anticipated gatherings of the War, organized by THL Sumayya al Ghaziyya, with food by Lady Sorcha MacKenzie… This years theme is Carnival! We will have delicious foods, libations, games, favors from our potters, fire performers, and a special musical guest (yeah, it’s totally that one)! Monday 8/8, 8pm, AE Royal.

Let Us Entertain You! And Fight You!

Our amazing populace is talented, indeed! Check out these amusements, put on by our people, for the enjoyment of all!

  • Wed Peace Week (8/3) come all bards for the Haakon Oaktall Anniversary Bardic Circle in AE Royal
  • For the Scribes, Monday 8/8 from 2 to 6pm, join the Æthelmearc Scribal Tea to meet and greet your fellow scribes! In Scribal Tent 1 in AE Royal
  • Seneschals, come for the AE Seneschal Happy Hour (No Business Allowed) 5pm Mon 8/8 in AE Royal (big tent)
  • Mon War Week (8/8) 7:30pm – the Debatable Choir performs at the Performing Arts tent
  • Mon War Week (8/8) 9pm – I Genesii (THE GREATEST COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE TROUPE IN THE KNOWNE WORLD) performs at the Performing Arts tent, as they search for their missing Vecchi. We won’t reprint the entire announcement here, but it does involve the word “sploosh”!

Enjoy participating in, or spectating these special sporting events, put on by our people:

  • Rapier Novice Tournament – super fun! Rapier novices (less than 5 years fencing, no Kingdom fencing awards, no tourney wins) will NOT want to miss this! A perennial favorite organized by our own Master Po Silvertop the Rogue – so MANY PRIZES! Wed 8/10 at 10am, Rapier field.
  • Need more fencing? Our Kingdom hosts the Ladies’ Rapier Tourney from 10 to noon on Monday 8/10 (inclusive of all non-male genders)
  • Oh yes, yes it is! The Return of Helga Ball! Sun 8/7, 6-9pm. Let’s just say it involves some folks in aprons viciously defending their territory with a cabbage. It’s amazing! No experience necessary. No equipment needed besides an apron (cabbages provided). Ladies team sport, 18+ only.
  • Youth combatants pay heed! Tarl’s Youth Polearm Tournament is Monday (8/8) from 7 to 9pm on the field.
  • But wait, there’s more! Wed 8/10 from 6 to 8pm, adult and youth fighters team up for the Æthelmearc Tag Team Tournament. It’s not one to miss, and a favorite of our youth fighters!

Vigils and Courts and Elevations, OH MY!

The largest Æthelmearc Royal Court at Pennsic is Tuesday of War Week (8/9) at 6pm in the AE Royal Encampment (CHANGE of venue!!).

There will be multiple additional Courts throughout the War. Here they are presented copy-and-pastable, and organized by the known Æthelmearc Vigils and Elevations (other awards will be happening at these times, too!):

THL Renata le Rouge: Vigil Sat 8/6, 6pm, Debatable Lands N10 (Fletchers). Elevation to Laurel at additional Kingdom Court Sun 8/7, 6pm AE Royal at Debatable Lands Party (Baronial Court at 4:30). [Note: Morien McBain & Michael of Northwood will be sent to vigil from this Kingdom Court.]

THL Ottlige Rappoltsweiler: Vigil Mon 8/8, 4pm, Hunters Home encampment on Mt Eislinn. Elevation to Laurel at main Kingdom Court Tues 8/9, 6pm AE Royal

Master Morien MacBain: Vigil at Sun 8/7, 6:30pm, Lusty Wench camp E17. Induction to Laurel at additional Kingdom Court Monday 8/8 6pm (before Kingdom party) at AE Royal.

Sir Michael of Northwood: Vigil Sun 8/7 evening, at Kynges Bridge camp. Induction to Pelican at main Kingdom Court Tues 8/9, 6pm AE Royal

Mistress Caroline of Burgundy: Vigil Wed 8/10, 11am (after Novice Tourney), Rapier Field. Induction to Master of Defense at additional Kingdom Court Wed 8/10 ~4pm Rapier Field [Note: Vigil is in combination with vigils of THL Guillaume and Countess Kathryn, lately of the Mid]

THL Guillaume le Noir: Vigil Wed 8/10, 11am (after Novice Tourney), Rapier Field. Elevation to Chivalry at additional Kingdom Court Thurs 8/11 ~1pm (after the Bridge Battles) Heavy Field [Note: Vigil is in combination with vigils of Mistress Caroline and Countess Kathryn, lately of the Mid]

Order Meetings and Booze

The Æthelmearc Brewers’ Guild Bar is open for Order Meetings! And also various events in and about AE Royal throughout War Week. Huzzah!

Laurel Meeting, AE Royal, Sat 8/6 at 10am
Pelican Meeting, AE Royal, Sat 8/6 at 5pm
Gage Meeting, AE Battlefield Pavilion, Wed 8/10, 2pm
Chivalry Meeting, AE Battlefield Pavilion, Wed 8/10, 3pm

YOU Can Help Us Win!

In addition to joining your comrades-at-arms on the heavy and fencing fields of honor (see schedule for details), in the many field War Point opportunities, you can score some points in non-field activities as well!

  • A&S Populace War Point – Take or teach classes, most of War! Teaching a class gets you 5 points (5 points total no matter how many classes you teach), attending a class earns one point per class attended. Make sure to add your tally mark at the end of your class! Read more!
  • Archery & Thrown Weapons Populace War Points – throughout War Week! Check the Pennsic Martial Schedule for details.
  • Service War Point – it definitely exists, but remains mysterious at this time. All we know is that there is a Google document to record your service hours to the War.

Of General Interest

Pennsic War will be following Æthelmearc’s Covid Policies. You cannot get into the War without proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test within 72 hours from a medical facility. You’ll need to mask up at troll and other areas (but not most). Read the FAQs here.

The A&S War Champs War Point will be held Wed 8/10, from about 10am to 5pm in the Great Hall – cheer on our team!

Would you like to help the War itself? You can volunteer for the War! Just go up to your area of interest and volunteer. [Hint: Children’s Point is greatly needing some folks!). Read a bit more about the options here.

Families take note! The Known World Children’s Fete (Ages 4+) returns on Wed 8/10 from 10am to 1pm (registration begins at 9am) in the Great Hall! Arts, crafts, games, entertainment, snacks, and more! Read more here.

At 4pm, Wed 8/10, there will be a Known World Equestrian Meeting in AE Royal

The Memorial Ship Ceremony will be Thurs 8/11 from 1p to 6pm. Visit White Wolf & Phoenix merchant booth for details. It will feature in particular for Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy. He was a long time icon of the Pennsic War, the East Kingdom, and friend to many here in our Kingdom.

Feel the need to run? The Unofficial Half Marathon starts at 7am middle Saturday, meet at First Aid Point (right by AE Royal!)

Want to know more about Pennsic happenings? Check out the full schedule here. Other resources (including a printable handout, event guide, and university booklet) HERE.