From Facebook from Their Highnesses:

Greetings! Unto the Populace of Æthelmearc, it is with great anticipation, that in one month we, Arnthor and Ceirech, Crown Prince and Princess, shall ascend the thrones of Æthelmearc. As the duty of the Crown to find and establish Heirs, we declare a glorious Crown Tournament to be held on October 8th, AS 57, in our Barony of Endless Hills to identify gentles to succeed us upon the thrones.

All combatants and their consorts must be citizens of Æthelmearc, and all consorts must be present throughout the tournament. All shields must be spannable from the armpit and held by the fingertips. Letters of intent must be submitted to us by September 8th (30 days prior to the tournament). You may submit a letter to us by email, or by using the online form. Letters should include full contact information for combatant and consort, authorization and membership cards, mundane age, and SCA and mundane names. Combatant couples are encouraged and should be clearly indicated in the letter. We look forward to a day of pageantry and chivalrous combat to determine Our Heirs!

Monica Gaudio / Illadore de Bedgrayne
Kingdom Seneschal