Documented from the Rolls and Files of the Coram Regibus of Thomas Byron II Rex and Ariella II Regina, King, and Queen of Æthelmearc: Being a True Record of the Business of Their Royal Court at A Shoote in the Wylderwood, 3 September, Anno Societatis LVII, in the Barony of Delftwood. As recorded by Gwendolyn the Graceful, Brehyres, Meistr-y-gân, Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald, with the assistance of Mistress Gytha Oggsdottir, Silent Herald, Drotinn jǫrundr hinn rotinn, Silver Buccle Herald, and Lady Kaðlin Sigvaldakona.

In the morning, Their Majesties summoned The Honorable Lady Cristina inghean Ghriogair and asked whether she was still inclined to sit vigil in contemplation of elevation into the Most Noble Order of the Laurel. Upon receiving her assent, they did entrust her to the care of that Order and instructed her to return at day’s end with her decision.

Their Majesties next brought Baroness Nuzhah bint Saleem before Them to confirm her desire to hold vigil that others might advise her on induction to the Most Noble Order of the Pelican. It being her wish to do so, Their Majesties instructed that Order to take Her Excellency into their keeping and asked that Her Excellency give answer later this same day.

Their Majesties then invited forward representatives of the Incipient Canton of Dunloch. Their Majesties confirmed that all the requisite steps had been taken to designate the Canton as official. Lord William Fitzwilliam so attested, and Their Majesties allowed him to thank and acknowledge those who assisted in the process. Their Majesties echoed these thanks and congratulated the Seneschal, Lady Ana Sirena del ValBuena, on the Canton’s establishment.

There being no further business at that time, Court was suspended.

In the evening, Their Majesties invited forward the youth in attendance, and entreated Sylvia to let the other children collect toys from her. Their Majesties then called for newcomers and presented a drinking vessel to the one newcomer who came forth.

At this time, Their Majesties gave Their Excellencies Delftwood, Baron Ixac and Baroness Amalie, leave to hold their Baronial Court.

Upon the conclusion of Baronial Court, Their Majesties called for Thorir to present himself. In recognition of his service to the fighting community, his helpfulness, and his sartorial presentation, They Awarded him Arms. Scroll by Mistress Isolda Filia Georgii.

Their Majesties then summoned Hrolf Heggeson. Having heard good reports of his service to the Canton of Dunloch, including the procuring of sites and other acts, they were moved to Award him Arms. Scroll by Lady Magdalena Txoperena.

Their Majesties next sought Geoffrey Argyll, who was not in attendance. Therefore, Their Majesties welcome Lord William Fitzwilliam of the Canton of Dunloch to accept upon his behalf, and Awarded Arms to Geoffrey in absentia, for his accomplishments within the fencing community. Scroll by “The Honorable Fool” Dagonell the Juggler.

Their Majesties wished to be attended by Jennie of Delftwood, who was also unable to be present. Their Excellencies Delftwood gratefully accepted upon her behalf, an Award of Arms, in recognition of her contributions to the archives by means of her photography. Scroll by Freiherrin Helena Mützhazenin.

Their Majesties were also disappointed that Laria Tofana was not present to attend Them currently. They therefore welcomed Baron Andriú mac Domhnaill of Thescorre to accept for her and carry to her at a future time Their words and an Award of Arms, in recognition of her skills as a musician and bardic champion. Scroll by Lady Vedis Aradottir.

Next, Their Majesties were well pleased that Wolfgang von Wylderwood was present to answer when They desired his attendance. For his proficiency in the fields of archery and thrown weapons, including service as champion, and for his labors to prepare sites for the Wylderwood event as well as in years past, they were minded to award him Arms. Scroll by “The Honorable Fool” Dagonell the Juggler.

Following this, Their Majesties requested the presence of Don Michael Gladwyne. Seeing that he was somewhat perplexed as to the nature of Their business with him, Her Majesty explained that it was for his contributions to the arts that he was called forward this day. Mindful of his skills in stone carving, leatherwork, clothing, and other arts, they were pleased to induct him as a Companion of the Order of the Sycamore. Scroll by Lady Ania Mhóireach.

Their Majesties next sought Lord Conchobar na Feasoige, but finding that he was not in attendance, they were pleased to entrust Their Excellencies Delftwood with Their words, as well as the medallion of a Companion of the Order of the Golden Alce, as it was Their wish to induct him for his skills as a fighter and contributions to the marshallate. Scroll by Baron Caleb Reynolds.

Their Majesties then desired to speak with Noble Tiarna Cainnech obrion na nÉireannach. Making good note of their service in ethereal spaces, as well as their contributions to the fencing community and service as champion, Their Majesties saw fit to name them a Companion of the Order of the Keystone. Scroll by Posadnitsa Zaritsa Zavodchikovna and Posadnik Zvonimir Zavodchikov.

Their Majesties next required the presence of Lady Megge Gormshuileach, to speak with her about the variety of offices, duties, responsibilities, and acts of service she has performed over many years. In recognition of her service as Baronial Herald, “stunt” signet, newsletter contributor, and efforts to organize and contribute largesse, they were pleased to induct her into the Order of the Keystone. Scroll by Baron Brother Bobby.

After this, Their Majesties once again welcomed Their Excellencies Delftwood to accept on behalf of Lady Ilaria Rosati, their words welcoming her into the Order of the Keystone, in recognition of her service as Arts and Sciences minister, as well as her work administering the online Feast of the Seven Deadly Sins, and her contributions to largesse. Scroll forthcoming.

At this time, Their Majesties called for Lady Ania Mhóireach to attend Them. Finding her service and skills to be varied and worthy of praise, including teaching, chronicling, music, largesse, leatherworking, and fencing, they were pleased to add her to the Order of the Keystone. Scroll by Lady Gwen Cooke.

Next, Their Majesties sought Master Benedict Fergus Atte Meade among the populace. They noted that there were many also present who had delivered numerous reports of His Excellency’s considerable skill in leathercraft, including work in multiple materials and creating varied projects from coronets to footwear. As an outward sign of His Excellency’s impressive talents, Their Majesties invited Their Noble Order of the Fleur D’Æthelmearc to join Them, and named him a Companion of the same, and bestow upon him a medallion from Freiherrin Helena Mützhazenin. Scroll by Baroness Amalie Reinhardt.

Not coincidentally, Their Majesties desired also to be attended by Her Excellency, Baroness Amalie Reinhardt. Expressing admiration for the skill evident in her many micrographic scrolls, and (slightly more grudging?) amusement at the clever wordplay they frequently contain, Their Majesties were pleased to welcome her into the Noble Order of the Fleur D’Æthelmearc, and to place upon her a medallion made by her own hand. Scroll by Mistress Abigail Kelhoge.

At this time, Their Majesties were pleased to note that Morgan O’Brien had arrived and called her before the throne. Long had this lady engaged in the art of dancing as well as sewing and costuming, and lest her contributions go another day without recognition, Their Majesties were minded making her at last a member of the nobility, Awarding her Arms. Scroll by Posadnitsa Zaritsa Zavodchikovna and Posadnik Zvonimir Zavodchikov.

Following this, Her Excellency, Baroness Amalie Reinhardt, was able to procure the image of Lady Catalina Carpintero via ethereal connection and inform her that she had been summoned by Their Majesties. Understanding that she has been unable to attend events in person, Their Majesties nevertheless, wished to recognize her buoyant presence and the energy, enthusiasm, and good humor she brings to the Barony of Delftwood. Thus, Their Majesties were pleased to induct her into the Order of the Howling Wolf. (Predictably clever and pun-riddled!) Scroll by Baroness Amalie Reinhardt.

Their Majesties next requested the attendance of Mistress Elska á Fjarfelli. They made note of her extensive service to the Kingdom, including contributing to the Brewers’ Guild, service to the Arts and Sciences community as a kingdom minister, and service to the Dominion of Myrkfaelinn. To mark the value of this continued service, Their Majesties called for Their Noble Order of the Millrind and added her to their number as one of their Companions. Scroll by The Honorable Lady Gesa von Wellenstein.

Their Majesties wished that the accomplishments of Lady Máirin Ó Nialláin in the field of archery might be appreciated by all, and thus, understanding that she was not present, they decreed it proper to Grant her Arms and name her a Companion of the Scarlet Guard in absentia. Scroll by Sir Arden Scot.

Following this, Their Majesties desired that The Honorable Lady Cristina inghean Ghriogair should return to the Royal Presence and give answer whether she would accept elevation into the Most Noble Order of the Laurel. It being Her Ladyship’s wish to continue, they called the members of that Order present to join Them and heard words of testimony from assembled Peers. Countess Caryl Olesdottir, speaking as a Royal Peer, declared that the first word that came to mind when considering Her Ladyship was kindness. However, Her Excellency cautioned against mistaking that kindness for weakness, for it requires a strong person to balance a partner with a strong personality, and Her Ladyship possesses just this sort of quiet strength, as well as hospitality of spirit that is just as equal in strength as her artistic talent. Master Po Silvertop, representing the Defenders of Æthelmearc, expressed his initial confusion that Her Ladyship would honor him with this task, but that she assured him that her request was motivated by the joy with which he conducts himself. He said that he found similar joy in her approach to her activities in the Society. He also considered that like the Masters of Defense, she spends a great deal of time stabbing, working on point control, and reading manuals (often in foreign languages) about stabbing, yet the results of her stabbing look far better than the results of his. On behalf of the Order of the Pelican, Mistress Sadira bint Wassouf imparted that all art is, at its basic level, also service. Whether it is in the beautification of items to feed our eyes, or in the creation of delicious food and drink to feed our stomachs, Her Ladyship’s labors are also service, and since the wise man said, “Look for the helpers,” one need not look far to find Her Ladyship Cristina: in the teaching of classes; in assistance as minister of lists; in working on events and list fields; in encouraging others. As a member of the Chivalry,

Master John the Pell also spoke of Cristina’s service. He recalled how their travels usually result in Cristina replenishing her stores of classroom supplies so that, when she teaches classes, she can provide complete kits for the projects her students will work on. Mistress Rhiannon y Bwa read words from Mistress Luceta di Cosimo of the Noble Order of the Laurel, who discussed how exhaustive Cristina’s research is, in that it requires her to investigate cultures that have been intentionally erased, and have been reinvented, for centuries. She is not intimidated by language barriers, or lack of easy access to information, but has made an art of digging for details, and has brought the beauty and magic of Rus culture to life, through determination, fearlessness, and being unafraid to “waste time,” using her tenacity to make art. Finding Themselves satisfied with these endorsements, they invested Her Ladyship with the regalia of Peerage, including the medallion of the Order and a beaded headdress, and bestowed upon her Arms by Letters Patent, naming her a Mistress of the Most Noble Order of the Laurel, whereupon they received her oath of service. Scroll by Master Jon Blaecstan with wording by Mistress Luceta di Cosimo.

Their Majesties then welcomed Her Excellency, Baroness Nuzhah bint Saleem, before the Court, and inquired whether she had reached a decision to continue with induction into the Most Noble Order of the Pelican. Hearing her affirmation, they did call that Order forward and gave leave to the assembled Peers to attest to Her Excellency’s worthiness for this accolade. Again, Countess Caryl Olesdottir spoke, representing the Ladies of the Rose. Her Excellency recounted an anecdote from years ago, when still at an early age, Her Excellency was able to disarm Earl Yngvar with “sweetness, kindness, and a little sass,” and that throughout her life and career in the Society, Her Excellency has displayed similar levels of wit, tact, and self-assurance, always encouraging others to be included, respected, and elevated.

On behalf of the Chivalry, Sir Tigernach mac Cathall examined the Knightly virtues of Courtesy, Prowess, Courage, and Generosity of spirit, finding Her Excellency to uphold all of these in her grace, poise, and kindness, even in the face of dismissive or discourteous behavior; in her skills in the kitchen; in the ways she has faced and overcome adversity; and in the way her spirit embodies the principles instilled in her by her parents, particularly Baron Saleem, from whom she inherited an attitude that assures, “I can fix that.”

Master Artemis Andreas Magnus, as a representative of the Laurel, also invoked Her Excellency’s parents’ legacy, noting that her entire life has been spent teaching, organizing events, running feasts, and displaying the values of love and service that her family shares, and that she is one of the most consciously inclusive and welcoming faces of our Kingdom.

Baroness Ekaterina Volkova, speaking as a Jewel of Æthelmearc, spoke of the values demonstrated by Jewels, including courtesy, service, skill, and chivalry. Her Excellency then shared a tale of entrusting Her Excellency, then still a teenager, with running a kitchen for the last University of the Western East Kingdom at Thescorre (UWEKAT) and recalling that Her Excellency responded with a feast fit for the Principality. In an act of “turnabout,” Her Excellency Ekaterina also asked all who have been affected in positive ways by Her Excellency Nuzhah to indicate their benefaction and begged Her Excellency to witness “what she has done.” Finally, the words of Master Devin Adair Bartholomy, Master of the Pelican and third Baron of Thescorre, were brought before the Court by Lady Elzbieta Traidenyte, saying that Her Excellency had been active in the Society longer than Baron Devin himself, in so many different rôles that it would take too long to list. Her heart, he wrote, beats with the spirit of service, and she weaves an ethereal magic that unites us members even when plague keeps us physically apart. His Excellency declared that hers was a lifetime of love being made visible through service. Being more than satisfied with these words of approbation,

Their Majesties were pleased to place upon her the medallion of the Order of the Pelican. Then Mistress Sadira bint Wassouf placed upon her daughter’s shoulders the Pelican cloak that had been Baron Saleem’s, with additional embellishment, and Their Majesties gratefully received Her Excellency’s renewed oath of service, whereupon They were pleased to convey Her Excellency into the embrace of the Most Noble Order of the Pelican. Scroll by Master Christofano Vecchione upon text by Mistress Sadira bint Wassouf.

Her Majesty wished to be attended by Lord Dalibor Vilcekovsyn, to thank him for his execution of the “BOAR” thrown weapons tournament. To express Her esteem, and in the hope that it might help him to remember Her Majesty’s name, Queen Ariella further gifted him with Her token and named him Her inspiration for the day.

Their Majesties invited forward all scribes who had contributed to the Court (or their representatives), and allowed them to select additional supplies, in thanks for their generous artwork.

There being no further business, Their Majesties’ Court was closed.

Faithfully Submitted,

Gwendolyn the Graceful, Brehyres (OL)

Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald