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Announcement from the current Queen’s Rapier Champion, Lord Robert MacEwin:

The Queen’s Rapier Championship is little more than two weeks away! Here are all the details:

: October 1st, 2022
Location: Archers to the Wald
Time: Procession will begin lining up at 10:50, start at 11:00.

Tournament will begin immediately following.


Round 1 – Participants will be evenly distributed into four Round-Robin lists. The top two fencers from each list will move on to round 2. Ties will be resolved as necessary with additional fights.

Round 2 – The 8 fencers that have advanced from the first round will fight a double elimination tournament until 2 remain. After that, all deaths will be cleared and those two will move on to the finals. All fights in Round 2 will be best-of-3.

Finals – Best-of-five, rotating forms. The finalist from the winners’ list will choose the first form. Following that, the loser of each bout will choose the form for the next bout.


Round 1 – double kills will be refought once. Further double kills will be scored as a loss for both fighters.

Round 2 – double kills will be refought until there’s a clear victor. However, if you double kill more than once, we will start taking things from each fencer (secondaries, arms, etc.)

Finals – double kills will be refought until there is a clear victor.


Cut and Thrust – Any pair of fencers that wishes to fight C&T is welcome to do so. When you sign in, please let the MoL know that you wish to fight C&T, and we’ll try to pool you with other C&T fighters.

Spear – Since spear is still new, we’ll allow it, but require opponent’s consent. In any fight within the tournament, if you’re authorized and your opponent is cool with it, you’re welcome to fight spear. If you are not interested in fighting against spear, that is totally fine! Due to limited list space, spears must be no more than 6 feet long.