Our first dedicated to arts and sciences event post-plague will happen at the end of this month, in October! And we are very happy to announce it is a WET site too!

Come one, come all! Their Majesties Arnthor and Ceirech are very much looking forward to choose their Arts & Sciences Champions and implore any seamstresses, woodworkers, brewers, embroiderers, scribes, metalworkers, vintners &c. to show off their best at the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship to be hosted by the the Barony of Rhydderich Hael this October 22nd.

Youth entrant Simon á Fjárfelli explains all about his block printed Saxon tunic at the 2021 A&S Champs.

Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences Hrolfr á Fjárfelli is very happy to share the Kingdom once again can offer in-person competitions along the same lines as in the past! Candidates will be evaluated face-to-face and the scoring will be based on the kingdom A&S rubrics, which is available beforehand. In order to reduce the indoor face-to-face time for candidates and judges, we will limit this year’s competition to one 45-minute judging session with a panel of 2 or 3 judges. Although not a requirement, we ask that candidates register their entry online ahead of time, to help match judge to entrant a little easier!

But as we learned a few new tricks during the time of plague, we will also offer any candidates who are not able to join us at the event to submit their entry online. Keep in mind, one of the current Kingdom Champions entered virtual – you are not on the side lines! We now have a basic web form where you can securely upload some photos, your documentation and basic info. The virtual part of the competition will be held much along the lines of last year’s competition. Each candidate will meet face-to-face with a panel of judges over zoom for one 45-minute judging session during the week leading up to the event and their presentation and entry will be judged with the same rubric as used at the event.

Bacon & Eggs subtelty by Astridr Vigaskegg (no, that’s not really bacon, nor eggs!) at the 2021 A&S Champs.

For this year, please note that the site is discretely damp and we are excited and happy to accept alcoholic beverage entries at the event!

Would you like to participate, but have no project to enter? Please help judge! Polling order awards are not required to judge, and those new to judging can ask to be paired with an experienced judge for ‘training on the job,’ so to speak! Judges can also sign up online; please provide us with the area(s) you’re comfortable with judging so that we can match entrants and judges ahead of time.

The Medieval Kitchen and Herb Garden by Baroness Oddkatla Jonsdottir at the 2021 A&S Champs.

We want to emphasize that we totally love to see partial projects! It doesn’t have to be a completely finished entry to be eligible. As usual, you may also enter up to three related objects as a single entry. Prior entry in another competition or display does not disqualify you from entering, we love to see continued progress on existing projects.

Right now, we are planning to spread out the virtual judging between Monday, October 17th and Thursday October 20th. With that in mind, the deadline for virtual entries is midnight, Friday, October 14th. Although we really appreciate pre-registration for the in-person event, the deadline for in-person candidates is until 9:30am on the morning of the event.

Geeking over Lady Isolda de Leycester’s patterns with Æthelmearc’s shoe Master Robert of Ferness at the 2021 A&S Champs.

The scores will be tallied once all judging is completed (the combined online and in-person entries) and relayed to Their Majesties Arnthor and Ceirech, who will choose their champions and announce them at the event during Kingdom court.

Their Majesties and the Kingdom Office of Arts & Sciences very much look forward to seeing what our kingdom has to offer!

Yours in service,
Hrólfr and Elska á Fjárfelli

Kingdom Ministry of the Arts and Sciences