Their Royal Majesties King Arnthor Inn Sterki and Queen Ceirech Na Hinnsi have a special request of the populace: they would love to fill the positions of A&S Youth Champion and Royal Brewer at the upcoming Kingdom of Æthelmearc Arts & Sciences Championship.

Youth Entry by Simon á Fjárfelli from the Arts & Sciences Championship AS 53 (photo by Master Robert of Ferness)

Our Sylvan Majesties not only enjoy to spotlight their King’s and Queen’s Choice Champions with this event, they also love to to see what the Kingdom’s youth is up to! Especially in these not quite normal times where our youth seems to have grown from six to sixteen just about overnight (due to lack of events to see them on a more regular basis). King Arnthor and Queen Ceirech would love to see what the kingdom’s kids are working on: anything started during the Plague, whether or not it has been finished yet, is welcome. We’d love to have our youth feel welcome and included at A&S events; have them feel special by sharing allll about their favorite thing – instead of their parents!

Brewing entry by Ulf Barelegs at the Arts & Sciences Championship A.S. 53 (photo by Master Robert of Ferness).

Their Majesties are also hoping to find a new Royal Brewer. In the 2021 Kingdom’s Championship at Tavern Brawl, The Honorable Lord Cassiano entered his famous Krupnik in the competition that so greatly impressed Their Majesties, They named The Honorable Lord Cassiano Their Royal Brewer. They were dismayed to find after inquiring that, even though the event site is discreetly wet, zero brewers had pre-registered for their Arts & Sciences Championship! Whom of our Brewing community will take this challenge, and present our Majesties with fermented libations, to vie for the honor of being the Royal Brewer?

But what do I hear there? You are not a youth, and neither are you a brewer? And you are not quite ready to enter a Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship yet? Not to worry! There will be a large Display area for our industrious populace to showcase their projects, in progress and finished. Documentation is appreciated but not required, although we do appreciate your information. And if you are planning to enter Champs, but have not signed up yet – please help out our event autocrat by pre-registering, it really makes the job a lot less hectic on the day off. That way, he might actually have some time to loiter and enjoy the entries!

More information on the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship 2022.
To register your entry online.
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We are looking forward to seeing you Saturday, October 22nd in the Barony of Rhydderich Hael.

Kingdom Ministry of Arts & Sciences