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Good morning!

The COVID Transmission map is looking better!

We have several areas where transmission is listed as Moderate, including places like Misty Highlands (Mon County specifically), Heronter (Chautauqua County), etc. If your event/practice/gathering/meeting are in those areas, masks are not required.

We also have areas where transmission is high or substantial. Masks are required in those areas.

I also wanted to let folks know that Æthelmearc’s Covid Team, which now includes Sir Maghnus an Chnoic na n’Iora (Dr. Joel Welling, PhD) and Duke Christopher Rawlyns (Dr. Chadd Nesbit, MD, PhD), and myself, are still in the process of determining how to improve ventilation with such things like the Corsi-Rosenthal boxes at SCA events/practices that may allow for not requiring masks (AKA a variance to the variance) and we’re making progress. We should have more information out about that soon.

Thank you all so much and enjoy your weekend,

Illadore de Bedegrayne/Monica Gaudio

Kingdom Seneschal, Æthelmearc

Pronouns: She/Her

See the Æ COVID Policy here.