Does everyone know that we have a group for JUST pictures of scrolls? No scribal announcements or cool art tips – there are other groups for those important things.

The Æthelmearc Scroll and Scribal Gallery is just for pictures of scrolls. The initial premise was that it was for the recipient to do the posting, but it is okay if the artist does so instead. However, let’s look at the benefits of having the recipient do it.

First, the scribe knows you got it and love it! Second, the artist may not have gotten a picture and if they did, their picture may not have royal signatures or even calligraphy on it. Third, you get to brag on their work for them.

Oh shoot, you might be thinking, I didn’t know about this back when I got my award last year. Or 5 years ago. Or 20 years ago. It doesn’t matter! Put a picture here! I was thrilled to once see a scroll pop up that I had never photographed. If you put each scroll in its own post, then when people go to the photo gallery it is just example after example of what we do.

So if you are of a mind, go to the page and post those scroll pictures:

from Duchess Dorinda