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Greetings, Æthelmearc,

After discussion at the barony’s business meeting last week, we are postponing the College of Three Ravens and will not be holding it on February 18, 2023 because of stalled planning and struggles to incorporate a hybrid style of event.

We are working on trying to find a viable site that would allow in person and virtual and accommodate the needs of the event.  We are spending this time in between now and the February business meeting research our options as to if/when/where we can successfully hold our annual schola. The decision will be made at the February 21 meeting.

That being said,  if you know of any possible sites within our barony, please reach out to me directly with info on the site. Location-wise, it would need to be a site that could possibly accommodate 150+ gentles, with room for fighting and rapier as well as room for multiple class tracks, and a space for court.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. Our most sincerely apologies at the delay and uncertainty of this year’s C3R.

In service,

Gwen Cooke, autocrat