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Meesteres Odriana vander Brugghe is proud to announce that at this year’s Ice Dragon Pentathlon, she will be awarding Het Bruggetje prize for Research. The prize will be $100 in cash, which the winner will receive when the results are announced in Ice Dragon court.

To win the prize, you must have the best documentation in any category of the Pent.

  • The choice will be based on the documentation portion of the judging criteria that is included in each category.
  • You will be entered automatically when you submit your entry to the Ice Dragon Pentathlon unless you would prefer to opt out.
  • Pentathlon judges will be asked to bring any excellent documentation to the attention of the judges’ panel.
  • The award will be decided by a panel of five judges drawn from the pool of Ice Dragon judges.

This prize is meant to encourage entrants to submit high-quality documentation along with their entries. If you need more information about the prize, or about how to increase the quality of your documentation, please contact Meesteres Odriana vander Brugghe via email at and she will connect you with resources. While she can not help you directly with your documentation, she would be happy to provide you with direction.

Meesteres Odriana very much looks forward to reading your research, and would be elated to award one of you The Prize! Not sure if you know Meesteres Odriana? Read more in her Populace in Focus article.


Anyone entering the Ice Dragon Pentathlon is automatically entered, you can decide to opt out but no further action is needed by the entrant. For more information on the general Arts & Sciences Pentathlon competition, please visit the Ice Dragon Pent website here.