Immediately upon being Crowned, Their Majesties, Andreas and Kallista, announced that They are creating a new award for the worst garb or armor. It is to be given to subjects who have been in the SCA more than 2 years and are still wearing ratty T-tunics, their High School prom dresses, or carpet armor. They said it is Their hope that this award will inspire these subjects to “up their game” in an effort to beautify the Kingdom, especially for the upcoming Pennsic War. The award would be analogous to the Golden Stirrup or the Golden Mirror, but for the opposite reason.

They welcome your recommendations for possible recipients of this non-armigerous award, to be called the “Order of the Sad Accoutrements” pending approval from the College of Heralds. The proposed badge is “On a demi-woman proper in a prairie dress azure and argent, a bend and a roundel voided conjoined gules.”