The autocrat for the A&S Faire in Nithgaard on April 29th has announced two new competitions in addition to the already scheduled Arts & Sciences display, Queen’s Prize, rapier tourney, and heavy weapons tourney.

The Beer Pit Tourney

This contest will occur after the rapier and heavy weapons tourneys are completed. Judges are requested; we will need at least one judge for every six entrants for reasons that will become evident.

Each entrant is expected to being a six-pack of some potent potable and a designated driver. One can/bottle will be given to the judge. Contestants will then consume however much of the remaining five bottles or cans they desire while they regale the judge and the audience with tales of their derring-do, martial prowess, and ability to best the other entrants. While alcohol is expected to be consumed, this is not actually a drinking contest. It is a storytelling contest, lubricated by some adult beverages. Points will be awarded for a good story, good kit, and good contributions to the judge’s cup. Extra points will be awarded to entrants bringing their own home brew.

While telling their tale, contestants may swing a stick to demonstrate their smooth striking, their majestic might, or their focused fury. However, actually striking another contestant or the judge will result in immediate disqualification.

Designated drivers will then be available for both the contestants and the judges.

Asked about this new competition, Master Morien McBain said “It’s about time that we had a contest recognizing both bardic and drinking prowess!”

New A&S Category

A prize will be awarded for the best entry that was completed on the car ride to the event. This will include the drive from wherever you slept the night before to the site, or for larger projects the drive from your home to wherever you crashed the night before the event. Entries must be accompanied by an attestation from the driver of the vehicle in which the entry was completed. Drivers are not allowed to enter physical items as we do not sanction unsafe driving. Spoken word or sung entries may be entered by drivers, but they will need an attestation from a passenger that they heard the driver rehearsing their entry.

THLady Fede di Fiore lauded this new contest as right up her alley, but lamented “The drive from my house to the event site is too short to get much of anything done, especially with the baby wailing in the back seat. Why couldn’t they have held it at Ice Dragon?” Her husband, THLord Cassiano da Castello, grumbled that brewing in a car would be quite hazardous, but agreed that this was a competition whose time has come.

The autocrat, Baroness Elena de la Palma, hopes contestants and spectators will enjoy both of these new activities.