Here begins the Report of the Court of Arnthor and Ceirech, King and Queen of Æthelmearc, at Corn Maze in the Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais, November 5 AS 57. jorundr hinn rotinn, Silver Buccle Herald reporting.

In the morning:

Their Majesties summoned Baron Christian Goldenlock to attend Them. They remarked upon his growing martial prowess on the Heavy Weapons field, and upon conferring with the order inducted him into the Order of the Gage. First scroll by Kathryn MacLuing, second scroll by Forveleth Dunde.

Their Majesties called for Iollan Figge. His growing skill in thrown weapons, including placing as an alternate for the Pennsic Champion’s team, archery, and heavy combat impressed Their Majesties such that They inducted him into Their Order of the Golden Alce. Scroll by Scribal West.

Baron Silvester Burchardt was called by Their Majesties. They had words with Their Order of the Gage, and upon hearing from that order that it was their wish for him to join their number, Their Majesties named him a Companion of the Gage. Plate carved by Silvester Burchardt, and calligraphed by Barbary Rose.

Court suspended.

In the afternoon with the assistance of Magdalena Txoperena de Guerra and Gytha Oggsdottir, Silver Sycamore Herald:

Their Majesties called for Baron Christian Goldenlock, and commended to his care the Kingdom toy chest. They mercifully allowed him a head start before unleashing a torrent of Æthelmearc’s youth upon him.

Their Majesties invited Duke Timothy of Arindale, the Kingdom Earl Marshal to address the populace. He commended the efforts to get the authorization forms online, and stated that anyone who had a problem with it to speak with him directly.

Their Majesties called for all the newcomers to Æthelmearc to join Them. They welcomed them and gifted them with mugs.

Fox Fierlein was called by Their Majesties. Her skill in fencing had been noted, and thus They wished to Award her Arms. Scroll by Kolfinna Jodisardottir with words by Po Silvertop.

Their Majesties summoned Lady Mei Lan Hua. It was noted that her skill in the scribal arts is quite impressive. Their Majesties remarked that They quite happily handed out several of her scrolls in Their Courts. Thus, they inducted her into the Order of the Sycamore. Scroll by Zaritsa Zavodchikovna.

Their Majesties called Lord Davin ap Einion to present himself before Them. They spoke of how well put together his kit is, and how he looks the part every time he takes the field. Thus They inducted him into the Order of the Golden Stirrup. Scroll by Arden Scot.

Their Majesties called for Lady Nycaise d’Ozier la Tailleresse. Her garb is always impeccable and she works to improve it, as well as styling her hair in an appropriate style for a Norman lady. Thus, They made her a Companion of the Golden Mirror. Scroll by Katherine Kiersey.

Their Majesties had not seen enough of Baron Christian Goldenlock this day so once again called him before Them. Christian has very good taste in armor, and other weapons, and strives to always be as close to period as possible. Thus, They inducted him into the Order of the Golden Stirrup. Scroll by Kathryn MacLuing.

Baron Leo Dietrich was called to present himself before Them. His work has not gone unnoticed, as marshal, master of the list, autocratting, and cooking to name but a few. Thus upon consultation with the Order they named him a Companion of the Millrind. Scroll by Gwen Cooke.

Their Majesties called for Master Aelric Ravenshaw. His long service in the multitude of groups founded in the northern panhandle of West Virginia caught Their attention. In celebration of this They named him a Baron of Their Court. Scroll in progress with words by Po Silvertop.

Their Majesties called all the scribes, wordsmiths, and regalia wrights to join them and choose a gift from the scribal box.

Their Majesties spoke of the Corsi Rosenthal boxes and encouraged all groups to read the documentation and work towards unmasked events.

Court closed.