On the Æthelmearc Facebook group, it was asked whether Æthelmearc has a theme song.

Some Kingdoms do have theme songs — Calontir uses The Song of the Shield Wall, while Ealdormere uses Rise, and the Debatable Lands has its own theme song in Marce Baroniae — but Æthelmearc has never settled on a single song. Instead, we have a wealth of songs from which to choose, many of which are available online at the bardic website: www.aebards.org

One good candidate for an Æthelmearc theme song is “Banners of Scarlet” by Brehyres Gwendolyn the Graceful, a past Sylvan Bard. Gwen notes: “It might interest the Gazette’s readers that a group of five performers put together a video version of “Scarlet” for the First Bardic War in 2021.” That video, which includes lyrics, is shown below.