This message is from the Kingdom Minister of Lists, Earl Marshal, and Authorizations Clerk.

Given the increased society-wide visibility on authorizations and remedies for not having proof of authorization, the role of the MOL in this process needs to be clarified.

Short Version: MOLs are no longer to problem-solve to get a fighter that has forgotten their proof of authorization on the field for that day. The fighter is to be referred to a Marshal who will then make whatever decisions are needed to resolve the problem. Not doing so comes with consequences from a warning up to and including losing your warrant for six months.

For more information, and greater nuance to the information above, please read the MOL Handbook.

Detailed Version: During check-in, MOLs are only to review the Authorization documentation for validity following the “Authorization Verification” section of the MOL Handbook. Specifically the following:

MOLs should direct someone whose authorization has expired or whose card has been forgotten to the Marshal in Charge. If the Marshal in Charge is not available, you may direct them to any other Marshal of that discipline present (ex: You direct a fencer to a fencing marshal and a heavy weapons fighter to a heavy weapons marshal).

MOLs are free to explain to the fighter the general information about how online authorizations are done and that the Marshal will need to direct the fighter through the process. It’s important that the hierarchy for Authorizations is preserved. MOLs are not part of this hierarchy and should not insert themselves into it.

For more information, and greater nuance to the information here, please read the MOL Handbook. The section under “Authorization Verification” is where you’ll find the information about what is expected and some special cases (including MOLs that are Marshals).

I know that in the past we have had a lot of leeway in how we could guide fighters to help get them on the field that day. We are no longer able to offer that guidance and must rely on our Marshals to assist fighters.

I encourage fighters to take a moment to take a picture of their authorization card so you always have a copy available in the event that you forget your yellow card.

Because we have already had an instance in the Society with sanctions being imposed on someone due to questions about how an authorization was handled, there are consequences for MOLs overstepping this boundary. There is an assessment process that will be followed if an infraction is reported. I will be using the yardstick of the “Reasonable Person”, which is a hypothetical individual who approaches any situation with the appropriate amount of caution and then sensibly takes action. This yardstick will be applied to any reports and each situation will be assessed thoughtfully before any action is taken by me. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, a reasonable consequence will be imposed which is anything from a warning to a six-month suspension of your warrant.

Thank you all for your time and I’m so sorry that the environment is such that this needs to be defined and enforced the way that it needs to be. This is not a reaction to anything that anyone has done, but to avoid sanctions coming to roost here in Aethelmearc.

Best regards,

Meesteres Odriana vander Brugghe, Kingdom Minister of the List
Duke Timothy of Arindale, Kingdom Earl Marshal
THL Deirdre Scot of Clann Scot, Kingdom Authorization Clerk