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Greetings from the Chair of the Equestrian Office!

Temperatures are dropping and leaves are turning into their autumn colors. It is October, which for me and many fellow planners is the time to think about the year to come. 2024!

Are you planning an event, is it outdoors, in a park, or on the hills? Wouldn’t it be beautiful to include horses at your next event? Yeah, but….. you might not know how, what is needed, or where to start; then contact me, THL Gesa van Wellenstein. It would be my pleasure to connect you with an equestrian marshal in your area, help you to check out your site and answer any questions you might have.

Even if the area might not be big enough for equestrian activities such as games, mounted archery or jousting, there might be opportunities for mounted procession, trail rides, or meeting the war horses. And don’t forget, we also have drivers in our kingdom. Maybe adding a carriage would enrich your event.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any question or concerns and possible suggestions on how we can grow our equestrian program, educate the populace, and keep the dream going.

In Service

THL Gesa van Wellenstein, KEO of Æthelmearc