The SCA Board of Directors has announced that the next BoD member will be THL Sumayya al-Ghaziyya from the Shire of Ballachlagan.

Her Ladyship has served Æthelmearc as Kingdom Social Media Officer, and was instrumental in the work done to keep the Kingdom connected during the pandemic. She has previously served in a wide array of local offices, including herald, chronicler, and exchequer, as well as heavy weapons marshal-at-large. Sumayya has autocratted events, run A&S displays and competitions, and organized the Kingdom Party at Pennsic. Her Fleur is for leatherwork and Turkish garb. She received a Writ for the Pelican at Pennsic 50, with her vigil and elevation to be held jointly with that of her husband Markus for the Order of Defense at Kingdom 12th Night on January 13th in the Barony of St. Swithin’s Bog.

For more information about Director-Elect Sumayya (aka Megan O’Shea), see the announcement on the web page.

Vivat Sumayya!