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Greetings from your newly minted Kingdom Seneschal.

In consultation with Duke Christopher Rawlyns and The Crown, I have decided to shutter the pandemic deputy position. This decision is largely based on there being no CDC or SCA Inc directives for us to follow as an organization at this time, and people’s continued sensitivity to the safety of others.

I would like to thank His Grace for being an important part of our pandemic response that carried us through the trying times of the shutdown. Difficult decisions had to be made, but in the end we are still hale and whole as a kingdom, and in the end that is the most important consideration. He has been an inspiration to me as a former kingdom seneschal, and no small part of why I offered my services to the kingdom.

Though we will not have a pandemic deputy at this time, know that we remain ever vigilant concerning this and any emerging public health concerns. The health and safety of the populace is of paramount importance.

In Service to the Dream,

Patrick DeWind

Kingdom Seneschal, Æthelmearc

Barún Pádraig Ó Branduibh

Pronouns: He/Him