Court Report: ÆLive May 1st, A.S. LVI


The Report of the Æthereal Court of Their Sylvan Majesties Maynard and Liadain, King and Queen of Æthelmearc, held on the 1st day of May Anno Societatis 56, Baron Brandubh O’Donnghaile, Jewel Herald.

Their Majesties called for the Kingdom Webminister Baroness Amalie Reinhardt to attend them and also summoned Lord Dyryke Hastings. Their Majesties thanked Baroness Amalie for serving the past 5 years as Kingdom Webminister performing that role in an exemplary fashion. They then released Baroness Amalie and accepted Lord Dyryke Hastings’ Oath of Service as the new Kingdom Webminister of Æthelmearc.

Baroness Amalie Reinhardt was then invited back into court and she confirmed that she was willing to take the Office of Kingdom Historian. Their Majesties received her Oath of Service in this new role, and thanked Dame Hrefna Ulfvarinnsdottir for her service as previous Kingdom Historian.

Their Majesties invited Baron Tassin Tresseaul to enter Their Court and further invited Lord Ulf Bareleg to join him. Baron Tassin then presented a new chain of office for the brewing champion of Æthelmearc to Their Majesties that he had cast. Their Majesties greatly appreciated Baron Tassin’s artistry of having created this new regalia for the kingdom, and presented the chain of office to Lord Ulf as Kingdom Brewing Champion.

Their Majesties further thanked Baron Tassin Tresseaul for his service recognizing him as the new Kingdom Chamberlain as and thanking Duchess Siobhán inghean uí Liatháin for her service in this office.

Baron Jasper Longshanks was recognized with a Golden Escarbuncle for his continuing support of the scribes of Æthelmearc. Most recently Baron Jasper had created tokens for Their Majesties to recognize and thank the scribes for their contributions to Their Royal Courts.

Her Majesty then invited Duke Sven Gunnarson to join the Court. Her Majesty presented Duke Sven as Her Inspiration for his work in support of ÆLive gathering photographs from the kingdom and creating wonderful slideshows for each and every episode.

His Majesty then raised a glass in appreciation of the staff of ÆLive and their hard work entertaining and gathering the kingdom throughout the pandemic.

Court Closed

Seneschal Announcement on Fighting & Fencing


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First and foremost, Their Majesties, the Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for Pandemics (Duke Christopher), the Earl Marshal (Master Morien) and I have determined that Æthelmearc can start fighting and fencing again, starting May 10, 2021.

This change is due to the Board of Directors and Society Seneschal’s clarifications on what is allowed at SCA events and gatherings.

To clarify: fencing and fighting can start May 10, 2021. However, all participants must follow SCA guidelines:

  1. Everyone must wear a mask. (This means over the mouth and nose, not over the helm.)
  2. You can only take your mask off to eat or drink – and you must be stationary AND follow social distancing guidelines.
  3. You must bring your own food and water.
  4. All fencing and fighting must be outside. (This is a change from gatherings.)

The SCA also will not require vaccinations to participate; however, if a site owner (including homeowners) is requiring people to be vaccinated to come to their home, they have the right to do that. Enforcement, however, is on them, not the SCA. It is the homeowner who is responsible for deciding what proof they will accept, for any checking of that proof, and for any enforcement. It needs to be made clear that this is a rule of the homeowner, not the branch of the SCA.

Thank you so much and please contact me if you have any questions.


As most of you have heard or seen, we are allowing fighting and fencing as of May 10th and I am so excited to get back out there and stab people. However, I have been asked a few questions about the lifting of the fencing and fighting ban, so I thought I would cover a few of them today.

Here’s what is required by the Board of Directors, the President of the SCA, the Society Seneschal, and AEthelmearc:

For practices: masks must be worn at all times, no food or water will be provided, if you want to consume food or water you must be stationary and follow social distancing guidelines, and all fencing and fighting practices must be outdoors. That last is a change from gatherings like sewing circles and scribal night.  These are for small practices.  If you have a large regional practice, that is an event.

For events, all of the above is required – PLUS pre-registration is required, and maximum of 150 people.

Let’s talk masks because that is where I am getting the most questions. The Society Seneschal’s guidance is that masks must follow CDC guidelines. That means two layers of breathable cloth fabric, or a disposable medical mask, it must completely cover your nose and mouth, no valves, no see through fabric or the like.

The mask MUST be against your face and cover your mouth and nose – not over your helm or fencing mask. That has been clarified by the Society Seneschal specifically. A plastic shield is not sufficient. However, if you have a new design idea, the Board of Directors is interested, particularly if it has already been fabricated.

Masks are, full stop, a requirement. If someone will not wear one, they must be asked to leave by the Marshal in charge, Autocrat, or local seneschal. Now, masks slip now and then or people are forgetful. We should all be kind and remind each other of the rules. However, if someone won’t comply, they cannot stay at the SCA event. Period.  If there is an issue with non-compliance, contact me or your regional seneschal immediately.

Food and water questions: Yes, you can give water to the people you live with and hand a sandwich to your child; however, that’s it. No communal water (and especially no more drinking out of the same tube in a water jug anymore.)  We can give out sealed water bottles; however.  Just please recycle.

Demos: Yes, we can do demos; however, there needs to be a barrier between the SCA and the rest of the public. Think of two sets of list ropes, an inner rope where we can do our activities, and an outer rope where the public can stand.  Also, yes at demos, we must wear masks,  in addition to any other state and local guidelines.

Also, when you first get out there, I recommend bringing more water than you think you’ll need. I also recommend bringing several masks to change out, as it gets hard to breath through masks when they get soaked from sweat and heavy breathing.

Illadore de Bedegrayne, Kingdom Seneschal

Æthelmearc artisans in the First Bardic War!


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As the Æthelbard General, Lord Éadaoin Ruadh is the coordinator for our war points at the upcoming First Bardic War. The First Bardic War will be held virtually on May 15 – 23, A.S. LVI, and will showcase the many talents of our populace with a week-long performing arts war! Lord Éadaoin organized the Æthelmearcian responses from whoever filled out the form shared by Nezhka of Atlantia to use for participation interest, and matched folks with events; balancing which they wanted most versus where our alliance needed entries. Any entrant could only participate in two solo points, and only one of those could be live, with no limit on group participation events like Improv or any of the relays.

Unfortunately, a couple of big mundane problems have hit me since taking on the role, but fortunately, our populace has been great at keeping me updated, asking where they can help, and thanking me for my efforts. The other Generals have stepped in where they can, and have been incredible examples, too–herding bardic (and bardic adjacent!) cats is its own rewarding chaos.

Greni from Blasted Rock and Elska á Fjárfelli entered in the Equestrian Dressage category with ” A Viking Raid.”

Some performances will be publicly accessible, but the staff has to edit entries in order to take out those who didn’t consent to have their content posted. The Bardic War channel on YouTube is here

This was a huge project for the staff to bite off in one chunk in the initial year, but they’re an amazingly dedicated group of folks. We cannot wait to see what we’re able to do in person in the coming years for the Bardic War. Likely, because of our learning curve during this pandemic, virtual entries will still be allowed, or at least have a foothold in years to come. Undoubtedly the biggest thing mentioned at all our bardic circles is that we miss the atmosphere around a fire, at night, with people on either side sharing in live art. Granted the bardic community I think has flourished in lots of ways during the pandemic, but we miss contact with our cousins just as much as anyone else.

So… who does what, where?!

The following is a list of our participating artisans:

Baroness Amalie Reinhardt
Arts & Sciences, Wordsmith/Scribe/Herald relay

Ania Mhoireach
Dramatic Writing, Non-English Performance

Silence de Cherbourg
Group Musical

Bran O’Labhradha (Sylvan Bard Sinister)
Original Song Period Style, Non-Original Song

Christofle Dumont
Youth 13 and Under

Elska á Fjárfelli
Equestrian Dressage

Ewa of Coppertree
Group Musical, “The Voice” Style Audio, Renaissance Theatre

Gavin Kent (Sylvan Bard Dexter)
Wordsmith/Scribe/Herald relay, Storytelling, Original Song Period Style, Group Musical

Gwendolyn the Graceful
Champions Battle, Wordsmith/Scribe/Herald relay, Group Musical, Original Song of the Modern Middle Ages

Kadlin Sigvaldakona
Group Musical, (maybe Wordsmith/Scribe/Herald relay, trying to get confirmation)

Brigette De Sainte Mere-Eglise
Non-European Performance

Filipo de Sancto Martino
Battle Speech or Story

Avelina del Dolce, Arianna of Wynthrope, Liam mac an t’Saoir

Lady Ilaria Rosati
Arts & Sciences

Lord Chebe
Martial Relay

Lord Éadaoin Ruadh
Original Song of the Modern Middle Ages

Yours in service,

Lord Éadaoin Ruadh

General and Webminister of the Æthelbards

  • The Bardic War Point schedule can be found here
  • The Bardic War class schedule can be found here
  • General Bardic War Activities can be found here, and include Largesse, Workshops, Competitions, Rountables, and more.
  • The Bardic War Concerts and Performances can be found here

Arts & Sciences Virtual Queen’s Prize Tourney



It is with great pleasure that the Kingdom Office of Arts & Sciences can relay that Their Sylvan Majesties King Maynard von dem Steine and Queen Liadain ni Dheirdre Chaohamnaigh are pleased to announce the second installment of the Arts & Sciences Virtual Queen’s Prize Tourney!

The Prize Tourney will be run similar to last year, see the website for details. After the resounding success of Kingdom’s Champ, the Kingdom Office of Arts & Sciences is happy to offer face to face discussions between the candidates and their advisors.

Three Early 15th c. Bourrelet Headdresses [Best Documentation] by Lady Ilaria of Delftwood.

The intent of the Queen’s Prize Tourney is to provide a platform for anybody to receive constructive feedback on their A&S work in a friendly and non-competitive environment and to stimulate enthusiasm and motivation within our A&S community by sharing our art. Therefore, the Tourney is not a traditional competition. Instead, you be meet with a panel of advisors to share and discuss your entry to help you in grow your skill and knowledge… and helps us teach something new about your passion.

La seconde estampie royal, from the Manuscrit du Roi, on a vielle by Tiffany of Myrkfaelinn

With travel restrictions easing and small meetings with the proper recommended precautions being a possibility, we strongly encourage any and all entries that need to be sniffed, tasted, or quaffed for proper feedback! The online nature of the Tourney also gives us a chance to share your bardic entries and gives us the unique opportunity to give research papers the attention they deserve.

As is traditional, Their Royal Majesties will pick Their favorite entries. Additionally, to show our appreciation to those artisans who go the extra mile to document their projects in such depth and detail that not having them in hand does not seem a handicap, the Kingdom Office of Arts & Sciences will again sponsor an extra prize for documentation that went above and beyond the usual.

White Scarf Scroll [His Majesty’s Choice] by Gesa von Wellenstein.

Prior entry in another competition or display also does not disqualify you from entering: we love to see continued progress on existing projects.

Their Sylvan Majesties and the Kingdom Office of Arts & Sciences are all looking forward to inspiring new and existing work from our A&S community!

Details can be found here
Like last year, prospective participants are asked to fill out a web form with some basic info and (few) photographs of their work and their documentation. The main site has a link to the form or you can find it directly from here

May ÆLive Available Online



If you missed the May 1 episode of ÆLive, or if you’d like to watch it again, please look on ÆTube at

Highlights include:

  • Messages from the Kingdom Seneschal and Ministers of Arts & Sciences
  • Æ Court
  • A performance from the Dexter (King’s) Bardic Champion
  • A slideshow with memories and gifts from the past year
  • (#ShowAEYourGifts), featuring a song from our Sinister (Queen’s) Bardic Champion
  • AEthelmearc’s SCA@Home Top 10

The next AEthereal Court will be June 26 and the next ÆLive will be during the summer months.

Known World Colegio de Iberi is June 4-6, 2021


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From the Autocrats of Colegio de Iberia:

My name is Duquessa Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora and I hail from the peaceful and mercantile Barony of St Florian de la Riviere in the Kingdom of Lochac.

On behalf of the stewarding team, being Duquessa Juana Isabella de Montoya y Ramirez (West), Duquessa Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora (Lochac), and Magistra Beatriz Aluares de la Oya (Atlantia), I would like to invite you to the second Known World Colegio de Iberia sponsored by the West Kingdom over the first weekend of June 2021.

This is a weekend of virtual classes on the lives and times of the people who dwelt in the lands which we now call Spain and Portugal. The symposium covers the period from the Muslim Umayyad Conquest, and includes the great Muslim city-states and the four Christian kingdoms (Kingdom of Castile y Leon, Kingdom of Aragon, Kingdom of Navarre and Kingdom of Portugal), ending with death of the Habsburg King Philip II. We also explore some of the worlds who experienced colonisation by these kingdoms.

Come join us!  There is no need to pre-register.


We have a website that will contain information about classes and our teachers, as well as the schedule. This is getting updated all the time so visit regularly! It is located here:

YouTube Channel 

Classes will be recorded where possible and will be uploaded to our YouTube channel:

SCA Iberia Facebook Group 

There is a Facebook group that focuses on the culture of the Iberian peninsular called SCA Iberia (Spain and Portugal). Please come and join the community! 

Facebook Event  

We will be posting more updates about the event here as the event comes closer. Join us here:

The Zoom room details and password will be made available closer to the date and advertised on the Facebook event and the website. We will be having a range of breakout rooms depending on the number class tracks required.

We are looking for teachers!  

If you are interested in teaching or know someone interested in teaching, please get them to fill out this form:

We are looking for event support! 

There are a range of different roles that we will need to make this event as easy and as fun as possible to run. If you would like to assist us in anyway please fill in this form:

Call for Commentary on New Peerage Proposal


The SCA Board of Directors has received from the Peerage Committee a proposal for a possible new pan-activity patent order in the SCA and a framework for future orders, should the need arise. The proposal calls for recognizing those members who are already acting as peers in an endeavor but cannot be considered for elevation to one of the existing peerage orders because that endeavor or endeavors fall outside the areas considered by those orders. It also outlines how activity-specific peerages might be formed out of this shared peerage only when it is clear that the activity has achieved a level of participation and maturity within the Society to warrant its own peerage order.

The complete proposal an information can be found here.

New Principality!


From SCA Corporate:

On Sunday, April 18, 2021, the Board approved the formation of a new principality, the Principality of Vindheim in the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

This new principality includes the state of Oklahoma, the Texas panhandle and part of north Texas near the Red River.

The first Coronet Tourney and investiture are planned for December 11, 2021.

Congratulations to all!

Atlantia Hosts Knowne World Sciences Symposium June 12


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Good Morning Knowne World! The University of Atlantia will be hosting the Knowne World Sciences Symposium at our virtual session on June 12, 2021.

Current KWSS tracks include: Medicine & Apothecary, Alchemy, Physics &  Engineering, Astronomy, The History of Science, and Biology & Botany.

The University will be accepting 150 classes into our June session catalog. These classes are provisioned on a first come/first served basis, with a priority given this session to science classes in support of the Knowne World Sciences Symposium. Classes exceeding the 150 limit will be waitlisted pending any cancellations that may create an open class slot. Should your class be waitlisted, the Dean of Academics Lady Esa will be in touch.

For more information as the event develops, go to