7 Pearls Event is this Weekend


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Welcome ALL to Our fair Barony!

Join us as we witness the Energy, Prowess, and GLORY of Our assembled Champions of the Seven Pearls of Æthelmearc!

Each of Æthelmearc’s seven Baronies will compete for the honor of becoming the next “Seven Pearls Champion” in A&S, Bardic, Heavy Weapons, Archery, Rapier, and Thrown Weapons.

This will be a day of Beauty, Honor, JOY and Purpose!

We hope to see any who are able to attend and make this day a spectacular event for our most wonderful champions.

Thank you to all Our cousins, who travel from near and far to support Us and the champions and populace of ALL of our Baronies this day!

Event Information:

Event Will Be Held At:

The Shady Brook Event Center (old Barbara Jeans) 4500 State Route 414, North Rose NY 14516

**Accessibility – Please Note**

Site is not ADA approved but it is on one floor. No steps, but outside ground is rough and uneven. The way up to Archery/Thrown Weapons may be rough.


Lord Corbinus de Cuvis (Joel Weed) PO Box 263 Wolcott NY 14590
any questions please call 315-436-2160. No calls after 9PM


Mail-In/Email RSVP:

Please mail checks to:
Orianna (Orilee Ireland-Delfs)
945 Yellow Mills Rd
Palmyra, NY 14522
(315) 573-6326 (no calls after 9)
Questions/Concerns Email: baronessorianna@gmail.com
Make checks payable to: “SCA NY, Inc – Barony of Thescorre”

Registration Fees:

Adult registration: $20
Adult member Registration: $15
Children 17 and under are free
Feast: $10 Additional


Dayboard & Feast Provided By: Lady Murdi Drusilla Vettia Portia (Christina Coats).
Please email any dietary questions to: christine_carden@yahoo.com

Activities & Schedule:


9:00 am – Site Opens
9:30 am – MOL Opens for Inspections
10:00 am to 11:00 am – Rapier Champs
11:00 am to 12:00 pm – Heavy Weapons Champs
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm – LUNCH
12:45 pm to 1:30 pm – Thrown Weapons Champs
1:30 pm to 2:30 pm – Archery Champs
2:45 pm – 3:30 pm – Bardic Champs
3:30 pm to 4:30 pm – Break Before Court
4:30 pm – 7 Pearls Court
5:30 pm – Feast
8:00 pm – Event Ends
9:00 pm – Must Be Off Site by 9pm

Championship Information:


On the Joint Thrown/Archery Field
Please see THL Gwen Cooke on the field after trolling in.
Champs Competition Starts at 1:30 pm

Heavy Weapons:

On the List Field
Please see Sir Angus on the field after trolling in.
Champs Competition Starts at 11:00 am

Thrown Weapons:

On the Joint Thrown/Archery Field
Please see Sir Athos on the field after trolling in.
Champs Competition Starts at 12:45 pm


On the Rapier Field
Please see Master Diego on the field after trolling in.
Champs Competition Starts at 10 am

A&S Champs:

A&S Champs – Please see Baroness Venetia inside the Main Hall when you arrive.
She will help you find your place to set up.
Champs Competition Starts at 12:00 pm

Bardic Champs:

Bardic Champs – Please see Mistress Daedez inside the Main Hall.
She will be on site around noon or just after.
She will have a card for you to fill out about your performance.
Please see her around lunch time.
Champs Competition Starts at 2:45 pm


Merchants are welcome and may set up inside the Main Hall.
Setup is first thing and tear down is before Court. Thank you!

If you are interested in merchanting, please contact Mistress Orianna (baronessorianna@gmail.com)
Please include amount of space needed in your email.


**Accessibility – Please Note**

Site is not ADA approved but it is on one floor. No steps, but outside ground is rough and uneven. The way up to Archery and Thrown Weapons may be rough.

  • Main Hall is air conditioned
  • Bathrooms are spacious with accessibility stalls
  • Gravel roads behind the building – be aware this is the way to Archery and Thrown Weapons
  • Main Hall is one level
  • Accessible Parking immediately to the left of the front door.
  • All Parking is close to entrance of Main Hall.
  • Ranges and Fields are around the building and are a short walk.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Please consider volunteering some time, if you are able. We would love your help making the day run smoothly, allowing for all to enjoy their time. The more people who volunteer, the better time we all have!

Volunteers Needed For:

  • Troll – All shifts (2 hrs each)
  • Setup – Friday, August 25th, 6 pm
  • Tear-Down (7-8 pm, Main Hall and List Fields)
  • Retaining – If you have time to help Our visiting Barons and Baronesses, please see Baroness Venetia or Duchess Branwyn to volunteer.

**See Tollner to be pointed in the correct direction for all volunteer opportunities** Thank you!

Event: Delftwood Flying Pointy Things


Greetings, gentlebeings, one and all!

The Barony of Delftwood, hosted by our Canton of Dunloch, will once again be holding an archery and thrown weapons event on Labor Day weekend, at 393 Fort Leazier Road, Mexico NY, 13114.

Event site opens at 5pm Friday September 1, 2023, and the event will close on Sunday, September 3, at 6 pm, to all except residents and staff.

The Event Steward is (Auld)Reinaldr Bjortappr, MKA: John H. Coombs. 205 Bennett St. East Syracuse, NY, 13057. Email is gilliam.jc@gmail.com.

  • A 4-lane archery range, and 4-lane Thrown weapons range will be open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Saturday, with a break for lunch around 11:00 am.
  • Delftwood Baronial Archery Championship will commence following lunch, roughly 12:00 pm.
  • Delftwood Baronial Thrown Weapons Championship will commence at roughly 2:00 pm

The site will be limited to a total of 120 participants for each day (Saturday and Sunday).

Registration fees are as follows, please make sure reservations are received by Monday, August 28:

  • Adult Day Fee – $15.00 per day (SCA Members $10.00 per day)
  • Camping Fee $5.00 per person whether you are staying 1 or 2 nights
  • Youth Day Fee (Ages 6-14) $5.00 per day, member or not.
  • Camping Fee $5.00 per youth whether you are staying 1 or 2 nights.
  • Family Cap $50.00 for Day Fees and Camping for one or both nights.
  • Children 0-5 No fees charges for site fees or camping.

Bagged Lunch both days will be available for $5.00. Our Lunch Steward will be Lady Megra Borden, MKA Meghen R. Adam. Bagged lunches will be available both Saturday and Sunday. If you intend to get a lunch, and need to inform the Lunch Steward of an allergy, please contact the event steward, and I will forward that information to her.

Campable space is limited, please contact the Event Steward regarding tent types & sizes, and any location requirements. Please keep in mind, this site is a private residence, and not as well equipped for vehicles to drive right up to campsites. Site owners will be on hand to direct vehicles that absolutely need to drive back. If you can carry/wagon your equipment in, please arrange to do so. Please make sure reservations are received by Monday, August 28.

Merchants are welcome at no additional charge. Please contact the event steward, Reinaldr Bjortappr, regarding merchanting, Please include tent/table footprints.
Additional notes on Wheelchair Accessibility: Site is a rustic outdoor site; the land is fairly flat and wheelchair accessible. There will be a handicapped accessible bathroom (porta-potty) on site for the event. Please contact the event steward for any questions or if any accommodations are needed.

Additional Notes on Alcohol Policy: This site is wet, please account for personal waste removal as bulk removal services will not be available. There is no on site bar or alcohol sales. As this is a private residence, the owners graciously ask that all festivities and alcohol consumption remain within moderation.

Additional Notes on Pet Policy: Leashed well behaved pets are welcome.

Additional Notes on Flames: Campfires will be limited to 2-3 designated places in the woods or yard. Last year we lit the big pit saturday night, and had a bardic circle run long into the night.

Please make checks payable to SCA-NY Barony of Delftwood and mail to SCA NY – Barony of Delftwood, PO Box 6694, Syracuse NY 13217.

News from Pennsic 50


From the Jewel Herald:

The story thus far… (as of Sunday afternoon)

Monday 7/31

Episode 1 at Highrafters / Yama Kaminari.

Kalishka Perdeslava received a Golden Alce

Wednesday 8/2

Episode 2 at AEtt Sketti Court. Ayla Trost received an AOA

Lady Sefa Vefari received a Sycamore

Lord Halfdan Danielson (also known as Bones) received a Keystone

Friday 8/4

Episode 3 in Merchantville

Ran received an Award of Arms

Lord Richard of Baldwinsville received a Sycamore

Saturday 8/5

Episode 4 in the AE Royal Encampment.

Master Maddoc Arundel was Sent off on Vigil to the Order of the Pelican.

Don jorundr hin rotinn was sent off on Vigil to the Order of Defense.

Master Diego Miguel Munoz di Castilla received a Writ for the Order of Defense.

Master Diego receives his writ to the Order of Defense. Photo by Katja

Sunday, 8/6

Episode 5 on the Battle field

THL Astridr Vigaskegg was sent off Vigil for the Order of Laurel.

Episode 5.5 on the Battle field.

THL Lothar Hugleman was sent off to Vigil for the Order of the Chivalry.

Kingdom Party will be a Memorial & Celebration


On Monday, August 7, at the 50th Pennsic War, Andreas and Kallista, the fiftieth King and Queen of sylvan Æthelmearc, will host a party celebrating half a century of Pennsic.

This will also serve as a celebration of the lives of all those who have gone ahead to the Undying Lands, especially Viscount Bear who went to Valhalla in January.

The party will include refreshments, entertainment, and opportunities to revere those we miss.  Please join us in Æthelmearc Royal encampment starting at 8 p.m.


First ever Myrkfaelinn equestrian practice!



For the first time since forever, the central region of the Kingdom of Æthelmearc will host an equestrian event! And as Dominionites generally jumps in with both feet, the Dominion of Myrkfaelinn is not only hosting an equestrian event, we’re hosting the Kingdom Equestrian Championships!

But as our locals have rarely participated in sca equestrian events, or helped work one, we thought it wise to organize a local practice first.

Do you have a horse?
Are you interested in learning equestrian games?
Would you like to authorize in said games?
Perhaps even enter the Championship the month after?!

Then come join us at the first ever Myrkfaelinn Equestrian Practice from 10AM to 5PM on Sunday, August 27th, 2023!

Thus, in preparation for A Day of Tournaments which includes the Kingdom Equestrian Championship to be held the weekend of September 8 to 10th, the Dominion of Myrkfaelinn has organized an Equestrian Practice. It will be held Sunday August 27th, 2023 at Sheffield Farm near Ithaca, NY, and will give equestrian participants the opportunity to authorize in general riding and mounted games.

Mistress Ysabeau Tiercelin is the Marshal in Charge (MiC) and will bring game equipment, including heads, reeds, spear, rings, quintain and birja.
This way both the equestrian participants as well as the ground crew can familiarize themselves with the equipment before A Day of Tournaments. As there is always a need for Ground Crew, we very much welcome non-riders to be of service and come train with us in preparation for the Kingdom Championship.

No idea what these games entail? I found this PDF to be quite helpful starting at Chapter VII, page 23.

There will also be a Barding Petting Zoo for those interested in sewing ‘clothing’ for their horse to look their best come the Tournament!

The facility includes a polo-sized indoor riding arena as well as an outdoor arena. It has spacious stalls (I have to check if we can use those) and a large viewing floor with full view of the indoor arena. For those interested trail riding, the site also offers carriage-groomed trails through fields and woods.

Directions: Sheffield Farm, 451 Sheffield Road, Ithaca NY 14850
For a bird’s eye view of the property, the Landtrust did a beautiful write up.

Icelandic Greni and his rider Elska having fun in the arena.

Riders, please give us a heads up if you are planning to attend, and might need a stall.

For the non- riders, this is a great way to get introduced to the horse side of the sca before our Day of tournaments and Kingdom Equestrian Championship. We are always looking for people to train and help out with the ground crew.

Looking forward to seeing you, and your mount of choice – whether it be a cantankerous fuzzy one, or a level headed wooden-stick one 😉

Mistress Cristina (autocrat) and Mistress Elska
(PM me if you need a place to crash – also for your pony!)

The Æthelmearc Moneyers Guild


In July A.S. 58, the Æthelmearc Moneyers Guild finished assembling the kits for our Baronial Coin Project. As part of this project, we thought we would let the populace know how it came to be and what we hope it achieves.

How it began
The stated goals of the Guild include “We… strive to make recreated medieval currency ubiquitous in the Sylvan Kingdom, and to include as many gentles as possible in the process of coinmaking.” That’s a heck of a challenge! Although we have a solid core group in the Debatable Lands, we felt strongly about getting more people throughout the kingdom making coins, because the more people are making coins, the more coins there will be!

But it’s not enough for coins to be made; they have to get out to the populace, too. The Royalty already help with this by handing out their own coins, so expanding this to the Baronies felt like a very natural approach.

The project was announced by Duke Byron during his reign in the summer of 2022.

Historical precedent for Baronial coins

In our modern age, we’re accustomed to thinking of currency as something controlled by a central government, but that’s a post-medieval reality. Pre-1600’s Europe, with the exception of Britain, didn’t centrally control their currencies the way we do today. A monarchy might use its political power to influence monetary policy, but the mints themselves were usually owned and operated by local governments, and sometimes even by private individuals.

What are coins used for?

This is easily the most common question we’re asked, and the answers can range from simple to philosophical.

The most common uses for the coins are to give them as favors and use them for playing betting games at events. Glückshaus is easy and fun, so it’s not hard to find somebody up for a game.

More philosophically, coins are a profound medium of communication. Symbols and words on the coin can communicate ideas for as long as the coins are around, and can tell you a lot about the person or people who made them. When given freely, they embody kindness and generosity, so when somebody gives you a coin, you learn something about that person as well.

An economy of gifting

Most importantly, coins are meant to be traded through the populace. The word “currency” even comes from the Latin “currere” which means “to run” or “to flow.” When somebody gives you a few coins as a favor, you might keep one for yourself but the rest can be passed along. This constant giving to one another is already common in the SCA, and this Gift Economy is one of the things that makes our community so special. Coins are one more easy and fun way to boost this very special part of the SCA experience.

Critical mass quantity

One thing that makes giving away coins easy and fun is having lots of coins in the first place. That’s why one of our goals is to make coins ubiquitous in our kingdom. The Guild has been working hard to produce as many coins as possible and get them out to the populace. We strike no less than 240 coins for each reign, and 600 coins for use in betting at each Crown Tournament. That’s 1,680 coins every year! Not bad, but it’s also not enough.

In each kit, we included 300 coins for a total of 2100 coins, a 25% increase over the Guild’s current annual production, just for this project alone. Although it will take time for these coins to be distributed to the populace, moneyers across the kingdom can use this experience to begin producing their own coins for their Barony, for themselves, and for others.

How you can participate

The kits will be going out to one volunteer from each Barony, but there’s still room for everyone to participate. First, reach out to your Baronage and get in touch with the volunteer from your Barony. There may be opportunities to help design the coin, helping with the actual striking of the coins, or just focus on learning the process so that you can start making your own coins right away.

You can also join the Guild! We have other projects running constantly throughout the year, and we need more moneyers to help. For example, we are always looking for new people to design and carve dies for the Crown Tourney betting coins. The betting coins are an easy way to get involved because we only need one die carved (the other face stays the same from tournament to tournament), and there is lots of flexibility in the design.

We look forward to a day when coin pouches are a standard part of everyone’s kit, and the jingle of coins a commonplace sound. We don’t want the populace to feel like they’re losing something when they give away a coin, but rather that they’re gaining a shared experience unique and special to the SCA. In this way we aim to achieve our most ambitious goal: to enrich the SCA life for everyone who loves the dream.

If you have questions or would like to know more, you can reach the Guild via our website or Facebook Group.

Queen’s Guard Needs Volunteers at Pennsic



Greetings loyal subjects of the Sylvan Kingdom!

The Queen’s Guard is still in search of volunteers.

If you are a sworn member of the Guard and have not signed up for your two shifts yet, please do so by the end of this week. We would like the roster filled BEFORE Pennsic, so please figure out your schedules and reach out to the Officer in Charge of the days you are free for a few hours. Signing up at Pennsic is not preferred.

If you are a member of the populace who would like to volunteer for a Guard shift: THANK YOU!

Please figure out what days you would like to volunteer on and reach out to the Officer of the Day for that day:

Snorri / David Haldenwang: david.haldenwang@gmail.com
Dugan / Larry Ruston: duganrushton@yahoo.com
Sigurdr / Jon Prosser: sigurdrdrottinisolfsson@gmail.com

Cas / Cas Zemba: caszemba@gmail.com

Rouland / Kevin Hassinger: kchassinger@gmail.com

Again, thank you all in advance for your hard work and for graciously volunteering your time on your vacation to further the dream.

Yours in Glad Service,

Baron-Captain Snorri, SG
Captain of the Queen’s Guard
Captain of Archers of the Duchy of Arindale
Master Bowman

Boozing and Betting at Æ Royal middle Saturday Evening


, , ,

Come celebrate Pennsic 50 year in style and bet BIG! In a perfect collaboration – I mean, what could go wrong with boozing and betting at the same time!? – Head of the Æthelmearc Brewers Guild Mistress Elska and Moneyers Guilds’ Duke Byron bring to you the first ever Period Gaming Party this middle weekend Saturday.

Don’t have betting coin?
The Moneyers Guild will have you covered with 200 newly designed and minted betting coins, especially designed for this event. Want to see the design of our Pennsic 50 Æthelmearc coin? Want to have the collectors edition of our Pennsic 50 Æthelmearc coin? Then you better show up on Saturday 😉

To sweeten the pot, anyone can challenge Duke Byron at a game of their choosing to try and win one of their genuine reign Gold Coins! You feelin’ lucky..?!

And of course, the Æthelmearc Brewers Guild will have Open Bar.

Byron and I will have various medieval games on offer, including:
– medieval card games
– betting dreidels
– 6-person shut the box
– medieval versions of chess
– Gluckhaus
– knucklebones
– etc!

Want to learn more about medieval games? Check this amazing PDF.

So… pack your treasure box of betting loot, and we’ll see you at Æ Royal!

When? Saturday August 5th, from 730PM to 10PM
Where? Æthelmearc Royal (between Merchant Row and University)

~ no betting of underwear, nor the keys to your horse, please! ~


Ask Another Laurel: The Humoral Theory



Quinta Essentia (Thurneisse) illustration; Alchemic approach to four humors in relation to the four elements and zodiacal signs

Caleb Reynolds answers questions no one asks.

Isn’t the humoral theory of disease just horse-hockey that should be ridiculed?

Not necessarily, would be the quick answer.

In reality, the humoral theory was the predominant medical theory and practice used in medieval Europe. The theory divides human health into four humors, which corresponded to the four elements. Blood was hot and wet like air (the theory originated in Ancient Greece). Phlegm was cold and wet like water. Yellow bile was hot and dry like fire, and black bile was cold and dry like earth. One was healthy when these four humors were balanced in all things, including diet and temperament. Pain and disease are caused by an imbalance of the humors; there was an increase in disease in the hot summers and cold winters because of the imbalance of nature: hot summers bring heat stroke, hay fever and malaria; cold winters bring frost bite, flu and pneumonia.

To our minds, living in the 21st Century, it sounds like a joke; crack-pot ideas masquerading as medicine. If you were to walk into my office and I were to tell you, “You are too sanguine. All of that beef is heating your blood, boiling your yellow bile, and throwing off your humors. You need to cool your blood with fish, which are cool and wet and will bank the fire inside of you. Also, avoid red wine, it is adding too much heat to your blood, I can see the fire of your blood in your face.” You would call me a quack and walk out.

But if I were to tell you, “You have to cut down on the red meat, it’s driving your blood pressure and your cholesterol up through the roof. Cut down on fatty meat and eat more fish, and not fried fish. And all that wine you’ve been drinking? It’s making it worse: you can have one, small glass of wine at dinner. We need to get your blood pressure under control before you have a stroke or a heart attack.” You might not like the advice, but you would accept it as proper medical advice.

People make fun of the humoral theory because it doesn’t use modern medical language, but, people of the classical and medieval world didn’t have the medical language that we have today, and they certainly didn’t have the tools and techniques that we have today. Most people today have little knowledge of what the numbers in one’s blood pressure actually mean, but we all learn something about fluid dynamics in high school, so we understand the concept that there is a certain amount of fluid pressure exerted on the vascular system whenever the heart beats. If you would bring a sphygmomanometer and stethoscope back in time and show it to Galen of Alexandria, you would have to bring a couple of physics and medical textbooks along just to explain to him how the things actually work and how they can be used to treat a patient.

For centuries, doctors used the humoral theory to treat their patients in the best way possible. Since this theory was formulated by Hippocrates and Empedocles in the 5th Century BCE, and refined in the 2nd Century AD by Galen for a more practical medical audience, most medieval doctors were using the same written works describing the theory. This meant that most doctors were making very similar decisions on how to treat patients based on balancing the humors. While we must admit that some of the decisions, and the treatments, were wrong and probably caused more harm than good, the doctors, the ones that were actually trying to help their patients, were using this theory to the best of their ability and they used language that their patients would understand.

Looking at some of the treatments for diseases that we can recognize as gout, hypertension, diabetes, or acid reflux, sound like very reasonable treatments that don’t require modern medication. The use of small doses of arsenic to treat stomach ulcers, gangrene, and leprosy, or the use of belladonna to treat asthma and hand tremors, or wormwood to remove intestinal parasites, tell us that medieval doctors understood the cause and effect nature of medication, even if they used a more simple vocabulary and didn’t adhere to modern scientific methods.

We can also state with certainty that many medieval doctors confused causation and correlation in a lot of their writing and practice. We must also acknowledge that many of the “cures” were nonsense that were passed down from doctor to apprentice over generations. There is a certain recipe for the removal of warts that can be found in medical manuscripts for a solid 500 years that involves mashing up worms and making a thick soup out of it. Now, it is possible that the original cure called for a particular species of worm that contained purpuric or salicylic acid in its digestive system, both of which are used today to remove warts topically. However, if the recipe started out as an external poultice, it appears to have migrated into a soup that could be tailor made for an individual; adding white wine if the patient was too phlegmy, or beef broth if there was too much black bile.

Then we have to contend with the fact that before proper identification and certification, anyone could call themselves a doctor and treat any person by whatever means. Literary and musical sources are filled with families paying loads of money to doctors only to receive little to no actual medical help; just empty words and empty pockets. Having a patient make and drink worm soup to remove a wart on their foot just sounds like the doctor isn’t even trying to give good value for the shilling.

So, on the one hand, quacks and pretend doctors certainly used the humoral theory to bilk their patients out of their money (the humoral theory was still being used in various forms well into the 19th Century in Europe and the Americas); but on the other hand, it was used by doctors who might not have understood the underlying principles of how the human body and diseases work, and were going solely off of what they learned by rote; and on a third hand it was used as a common medical language by doctors to describe problems and create solutions for their patients.

Embrace the Noble Call: Volunteering as a Minister of the Lists


By Meesteres Odriana vander Brugghe


Volunteering as a Minister of the Lists in the SCA is a vital and honorable position. We have the privilege of immersing ourselves in a vibrant world of history and contributing to the preservation of ancient traditions.

Fostering Camaraderie

Volunteering as a Minister of the Lists offers us a unique opportunity to build lasting friendships within a community of like-minded enthusiasts. By dedicating our time and expertise, we become integral parts of a tight-knit network, forging bonds with fellow reenactors, martial artists, and history buffs. The spirit of camaraderie within the reenactment community creates an environment where we support and encourage one another, enhancing the overall experience.

Ensuring Fairness and Sportsmanship

As MOLs, our primary responsibility is to ensure fair play during tournaments and competitions. We meticulously record the outcomes of each match, keeping track of points, victories, and defeats. Our impartiality and attention to detail contribute to the integrity of the reenactment community, ensuring that participants are treated fairly and that rules are upheld. Our presence helps maintain an atmosphere of respect and sportsmanship among competitors, fostering an environment where individuals can display their skills and honor the principles of fair play.

Personal Growth and Skill Development

Volunteering as an MOL offers us not only the chance to contribute to the organization in a positive way but also opportunities for personal growth. The position allows us to develop valuable organizational, communication, and problem-solving skills. As Ministers of the Lists, we must be adept at multitasking, coordinating events, and resolving conflicts, honing our abilities in a dynamic environment. Moreover, the position provides insights into historical combat techniques, armor, and weaponry, enriching us with knowledge that can be shared and appreciated within the reenactment community and beyond.


Volunteering as a Minister of the Lists is a rewarding experience that fosters camaraderie, fair play, and personal growth. By dedicating our time and passion to this role, we contribute to the promotion and preservation of ancient traditions while building strong connections within the reenactment community. Embrace the noble role of a Minister of the Lists and embark on a fulfilling journey of camaraderie, fairness, and fun.

If you would like to become part of our MOLlet (Minister of the List in Training) program, please fill out the form and Odriana will get in touch with you to coordinate your training. If you’d like more information before volunteering, please contact me at mol@aethelmearc.org and Odriana will be happy to help.

This was originally published in the Q2 2023 issue of the SCORE, the newsletter of the Kingdom Minister of the List.