Youth fighters of Æthelmearc, arm yourselves and gather at the Agincourt event in the Debatable Lands on October 29th, for Their Majesties seek new champions!

In just over one month’s time, King Marcus and Queen Margerite will hold Their Youth Champion’s Tournament, to find a successor for El Tigre, the current Kingdom Youth Champion. This is a chance for youth fighters to test their prowess against the best in the Kingdom and earn renown! Youth Champions receive tabards of their station and other regalia for the duration of their term, and are encouraged but not required to participate in court processions and attend Their Majesties in court. Their Majesties will be choosing up to three champions, one from each division, depending on the number of fighters in each division at the tournament.

Remember that courtesy and chivalry are as important as skill in Their Majesties’ choice of champions!

The tournament will be held in the early afternoon. The exact time will be announced once the event schedule is firmed up.

Youth fighters must be authorized to participate in the Kingdom Champion’s Tourney. Unauthorized youth fighters will have an opportunity to authorize before the tournament begins, but make sure to arrive early and be armored up and ready at the start time.

Limited loaner gear will be available.

If you have questions about the tourney, please contact Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope, Kingdom Youth Combat Marshal.