In response to many requests for gender-neutral period titles, the SCA College of Arms has been conducting research and taking commentary on several proposed titles. The research project is being supervised by Mistress Ursula Georges of the Middle Kingdom, the Palimpsest Herald.

The College of Arms recently approved the first three gender-neutral titles – two titles in English and one in Latin. Titles in other languages are being researched and will be considered on a case by case basis after commentary. Offers of research assistance or proposals for directions for research should be directed to Mistress Ursula at rules@heraldry.sca.org.

The two English titles are Noble and Armiger. They can be used by any person who has an Award of Arms or higher. Noble is used before the name, as in “Noble John Smith” or “Noble Jane Doe.” Armiger is used after the person’s name, as in “John Smith, Armiger” or “Jane Doe, Armiger.”

Nobilis is an approved gender-neutral title in medieval Latin for use by those who hold an Award or Grant of Arms. In period documents, this title was typically used after a given name, as in “Haroldus nobilis.”