Real Name? Ronald W (Redacted) II

SCA Name and Title? THL Metheus WEASEL. (aka) Methias Tiberius WEASEL

Years in the SCA? 28

Persona? The guy who kills the wounded on the battlefield (Scotland).

Group or Household affiliations if any.

House Three Skulls (SubChieftain), Head of Domus Insidious.

Tell us a bit about your life outside the SCA.

I am an Army veteran; during the Cold War I was an Observation Helicopter Crew Chief in South Korea. I have worked in contracting, plumbing, and electronics. I have been a Survivalist since high school. I am a new father to a 2-year-old girl (Viktoria), step-father to a 16-year old daughter, and I am 51 years old.

What SCA activities do you participate in?

I am a Feastocrat; I have been an Autocrat. I have been Heavy List fighting for 9 years. I am involved with youth combat, and I have gotten involved with Siege weapons these past few years. I alsowork with wood and leather.

Tell us a little bit about your SCA experience (offices, etc).

I started life in the East Kingdom and my first Pennsic was #19. While there I was the A&S Minister for the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn. I moved out here to Aethelmearc about 5 years ago. I am the AE Kingdom Youth Marshal. I made my personae an assassin from the very beginning. I was discouraged from following my dream by some very established gentles. I persevered and developed my character in an environment where it would not be recognized. In the past 6 years my dream of having a guild recognized in royal circles has become a reality. I am now the Guildmaster of the AE Royal Assassin’s Guild, the Guildmaster of the East Kingdom Royal Assassin’s Guild, and the Guildmaster of the Known World Assassin’s Guild. I have been the Chatelaine and Deputy Seneschal for Hunter’s home. I am still the Head of the Department of Dirty Tricks in House Three Skulls.

What are your goals in the SCA?

Become a Baron—that way people would call me Baron von Weasel. There are a couple of awards I would love to have: Scarlet Battery and Hael Hound. I would like to be considered a Master of Assassins, so to that end I stand a better chance of becoming a Pelican.

If you could accomplish only one thing in the SCA in the year 2018/2019 what would it be?

Become a Siege Marshal.

What advice would you give to a new person in the SCA, or if new yourself what question would you ask and who would you ask it of?

Don’t drink anything someone offers you if they won’t drink it first. Also, don’t be intimidated by people or their rank/status. Go up and talk to new people. Make new friends.

If you magically woke up with an SCA talent you do not already have what would it be?

To have been trained in Blacksmithing by one of the now passed Greats (Shadowmaker or Little John).

Additional comments as you see fit.

The Society has been my home for more than half of my life. I have made many friends and changed circles many times. I have seen the SCA weather out troublemakers and bad apples. I still believe it is one of the best places to learn or hone new skills. It’s not perfect by any means, but I believe it is still great enough to dedicate my time and efforts to, in order to ensure everyone has a good time.

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