Greetings loyal subjects of the Sylvan Kingdom!

The Queen’s Guard is still in search of volunteers.

If you are a sworn member of the Guard and have not signed up for your two shifts yet, please do so by the end of this week. We would like the roster filled BEFORE Pennsic, so please figure out your schedules and reach out to the Officer in Charge of the days you are free for a few hours. Signing up at Pennsic is not preferred.

If you are a member of the populace who would like to volunteer for a Guard shift: THANK YOU!

Please figure out what days you would like to volunteer on and reach out to the Officer of the Day for that day:

Snorri / David Haldenwang: david.haldenwang@gmail.com
Dugan / Larry Ruston: duganrushton@yahoo.com
Sigurdr / Jon Prosser: sigurdrdrottinisolfsson@gmail.com

Cas / Cas Zemba: caszemba@gmail.com

Rouland / Kevin Hassinger: kchassinger@gmail.com

Again, thank you all in advance for your hard work and for graciously volunteering your time on your vacation to further the dream.

Yours in Glad Service,

Baron-Captain Snorri, SG
Captain of the Queen’s Guard
Captain of Archers of the Duchy of Arindale
Master Bowman