To help our artisans navigate the medieval and renaissance arts & sciences while living through our current time of making history, the Kingdom Office of Arts & Sciences has added a chapter of Virtual Resources to our website. On this page you will find links to interesting and informative YouTube videos, websites and Facebook group pages devoted to various topics, as well as other useful A&S information.

The information is divided into two parts: first we list all our Kingdom and populace resources, and second we list virtual resources from all over the Knowne Worlde. Included are Æthelmearc Book of Faces arts & sciences groups, as well as Society-wide arts & sciences groups; Kingdom & populace YouTube channels and playlists; populace websites; populace publications (hosted on Academia). As well as society-wide Virtual Learning, of which the Book of Faces group SCA Virtual Classroom and Artisan Display has gained the most traction, and society-wide general arts & sciences Facebook groups (of which there are so many!).

To see Tony Robinson squirm his way through fulling woolen fabric with lots of human urine, watch The Worst Jobs in History: Middle Ages

I even included a list of my favorite free YouTube channels and playlists of documentaries and shows detailing medieval and renaissance life for those days we’d rather see someone else go through the effort of… fulling woolen cloth with human urine (Tony Robinson in The Worst Jobs in History)… cooking indoor dinner over open fire without a chimney (Lucy Worsley in If Walls Could Talk)… building a castle from scratch (I kid you not, and that would be Guedelon Castle in France)… or kitting out and training a medieval war horse (Modern History TV) – there is something funny, intriguing, educational, for anyone.

Our list will be updated as information becomes available –and we hope this will be soon, too! Are you an Æthelmearc citizen and do you have a blog, a website, a YouTube channel, or an Academia profile that we did not as of yet list? Please share! The more, the merrier!

Of course, it is our full intention to keep our Kingdom collection of Virtual Resources available and updated for now, as well as for the future.

Yours in service,

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