Fencers of Æthelmearc,

In 2018, the term of the kingdom martial offices was adjusted from two years to three, so as to coincide with the rotation of the Pennsic War’s control-by-kingdom.  The intent was that a new Marshal would be appointed and have most of a year to become accustomed to their position before attending the Pennsic War and assisting the Marshal of the East, then the marshal of the Mid the next year, before finally being responsible for the War themselves.  This is true of both the Heavy and Rapier Marshal’s position, as well as, I believe, the Earl Marshal. This is a very good idea.

And then there was plague.

After skipping two years of Pennsic, Mistress Gabrielle was unable to complete the Pennsic rotation, as her three years were up and a Kingdom officer may only serve for five years, so her position was not able to be renewed. I was selected to serve in her place. Then once more we had Pennsic, and I was able to assist Master Darius when I wasn’t suffering from my own bout of plague (I got better!). This year, I will be serving Pennsic and the rapier community as Rapier 1.

After this, I will be stepping down and not completing my third year in office so that our marshal rotation will once again be aligned with that of the War and my successor will have the benefit of two full Pennsics worth of assisting before being called upon to run the show. This has been my intent from the beginning and was in fact part of my letter of interest to their Majesties.

As is tradition, I intend to step down at or near Æthelmearc Twelfth Night and as per Kingdom law I am asking for all individuals interested in succeeding me in the position of Kingdom Rapier Marshal to send letters to Myself, Duke Timothy, and Their Highnesses expressing their intent, qualifications, and plans for the position.  Their Highnesses have asked that these letters be submitted by September 1, 2023.

It has been my honor to serve you during this time, and for the next six months. I will, of course, be available to assist my successor and the kingdom in whatever capacity is needed afterwards.  If you have any questions about the position, please reach out to me.  Letters can be sent to resume.rapiermarshal@aethelmearc.org.

YIS, Don Simon Caminante, KRM Æthelmearc