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On October 29th, A. S. LI, the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands held its annual Agincourt event on a gloriously warm and sunny day. Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope reports on the activities held there.

Morning Court

The day began with a brief court. Queen Margerite called forth THLord Kieran MacRae, who received a Writ for the Laurel at Pennsic to present himself at Agincourt. Her Majesty asked if he was ready to sit vigil, to which he responded in the affirmative. However, Queen Margerite noted that Kieran was in fealty to another and must be free before contemplating elevation to the peerage. His Laurel, Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope, was called forward to receive back his green belt and release him from his fealty, after which the Order of the Laurel escorted THLord Kieran to his vigil.


THLord Kieran returns his apprentice belt to Mistress Arianna before going on vigil for the Laurel. Photo by Lady Àine ny Allane.

Heavy Weapons Combat

Agincourt has always featured heavy fighting, with combatants choosing to portray either the French or the English as they honor the famous battle of 1415 at which Henry V of England annihilated a much larger and better armed French force.

This year, 38 fighters took the field, including eight combat archers. The fighting began with a Warlord Tourney, from which THLord Tegrinus de Rhina and THLord Rouland of Willowbrooke emerged as the winners, becoming the captains of the French and English Sides, respectively. The French took all of the day’s victory points:  Field Battle, Woods Battle, Combat Soccer, and Hold the Barricade, and as commander of the French side, THL Tegrinus was the overall Warlord Tourney Winner for the day.

The day ended with a series of intense Tavern Brawls, in which Lord Ulrich von Baden, who had previously distinguished himself with a dive-in-and-slide goal that scored the final point for his side in Combat Soccer, was named Last Man Standing.


A Tavern Brawl. Photo by Baron Torvald Torgarson.

Videos below are by Baroness Constance Glyn Dŵr.



Don Po Silvertop receives a rose from the Queen during the QRC procession. The outgoing champion, Lord Jacob Martinson, looks on in the background. Photo by Lady Àine ny Allane.

This year Agincourt was honored to host the Queen’s Rapier Champion Tournament. It began with the traditional presentation of fencers to the Queen, each one receiving a rose from Her hand. A huge list of 53 fencers competed, with the tournament fought as round robins in four lists with the top two in each list advancing to the quarter-finals. A noble gesture was made by Lord Magnus bastiano di Vigo, who ceded his spot in the quarter-finals to Countess Ariella of Thornbury that she might have the opportunity to do more fencing and increase her enjoyment of the day. In recognition of this act of kindness, Her Majesty, Queen Margerite, named Lord Magnus her inspiration of the day and bestowed upon him a Golden Escarbuncle at the evening’s court.

The final four fencers were Lord Durante de Caravaggio, Master Clewin Kupferheleblinc, Baron Eric Grenier de Labarre, and Don Po Silvertop. The finals came down to Master Clewin vs. Lord Durante, with Lord Durante winning the coveted title of Queen’s Champion, succeeding the outgoing Champion, Lord Jacob Martinson.

There was also a Free Scholars of the AEthelmearc Rapier Academy tourney run by THLord Jorundr hinn Rotinn, and an “Out of the Box” tourney run by Lord Markus Skalpr Grimsson, in which kills could only be made by shots to the head, arms, hands, legs, and feet. Both tourneys were won by Lord Ru Cavorst.

Video below of the quarter-finals through the finals of the QRC is by Brehan Lapidario.

Youth Combat

Agincourt likewise saw the Kingdom Youth Combat Champions’ tournament. Two enthusiastic young gentles fought three rounds with each of three weapons forms. In the end, Queen Margerite could not choose between them, and so she named Timothy of Arindale the Younger her Division 2 Champion, and Karl her Division 1 Champion. After the youth tourney, several adult sparring partners came forward to cross swords with the new champions, including THLord Rouland of Willowbrooke, Master Jussie Laplein, Prince Timothy of Arindale, and Lord Robert Pour Maintenant.


Karl and Timothy in the Youth Combat Champion’s Tourney. Photo by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.


Archery was, of course, at the heart of the original battle of Agincourt, and it was only right that the English did prevail in the shoot run by Master Alaric MacConall, though by a margin of only 2 points. Ronan O’Conall and Duncan MacCoulagh each made 10 point shots that gave the day to the English. Lord Takamatsu Gentarou Yoshitaka also ran a shoot by the victorious English to loot French cheeses, which was won by THLord Alrekr Bergsson with Baron Tofi Kerthjalfadsson coming in second.

Thrown Weapons

The Debatable Lands Baronial Champion tournament was the highlight of thrown weapons at Agincourt. The outgoing Baronial Champion, Master Clewin Kupferhelbelinc, ran the competition, which was hard contested. In the end, Lord Sanada Masamoto Kenshin O’no Kuma proved victorious and was named Champion, with Earl Thomas Byron of Haverford as his second.


Lord Kuma is recognized as Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion with Earl Byron as his second. Photo by Lady Àine ny Allane.

Arts and Sciences

For a second year, the event included an A&S competition run by THLady Sumayya al Ghaziya. Entries ranged from scrolls and cooking to research and ceramics. The winner of the single category entry was Lord Ian Campbell of Glen Mor for his ceramic tiles, while Lady Luceta di Cosimo won the multiple entry category for items including cookies and research into medieval burial practices. Lord Ian was inducted into the Fleur d’Æthelmearc at court later that evening. A slideshow of some of the entries is shown below

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Evening Court

After a Baronial Court where the winners of each competition were announced and rewarded, and various baronial awards were bestowed, Queen Margerite held court attended by Prince Timothy and Princess Gabrielle, as well as the Crown Prince and Princess of the Middle, William and Isolde. In addition to the accolades noted above, highlights from the evening court included the induction of Lady Cionaodh Gunn into the Order of the Millrind; the elevation of THLord Kieran MacRae to the Order of the Laurel, and Writs of Summons for the Pelican to Doña Gabrielle de Winter and Baron Robert O’Connor.

Food and Entertainment


The soteltie made by Lady Zianna. Photo by Mistress Arianna.

Of course Agincourt would not be complete without food. THLady Ottilige Rappoltsweiler and Edelvrowe Lijsbet du Keukere organized a lunch buffet of chicken, blancmanger, vegetables and fruit, while Meesteress Odriana vander Brugghe and her crew provided the evening feast. Supper began with a toast to the late Lady Adriana Ramstar, after which there were readings from the Canterbury Tales. Then dish after dish arrived including various meats, pies, rice, Brussels sprouts, and a large marzipan and cake soteltie of the Shield of Chivalry made by Lady Zianna beguy urdina de Zabaleta.

The evening was capped off with a performance by the ever-bawdy commedia troupe, i Genisii, whose show included a seasonally appropriate undead Pantalone attempting to control his daughter Octavia by means both foul and humorous.

Thanks to all of the photographers listed above, as well as Lord Markus Skalpr Grimsson, Lord Takamatsu Gentarou Yoshitaka, Master Morien MacBain, Lord Sanada Masamoto Kenshin O’no Kuma  and Baroness Aemilia Soteria for providing information about various activities for this event report.