Shared with the Gazette by Mistress Gabrielle de Winter. Heed the words of Her Highness, Princess Anna Leigh:

Titus has always been the one with words, but it’s up to me now. Yes, I will carry on with the reign. There’s never been a choice; this is what he wanted. We had already started our awards docket, invested in opportunities & growth for our loved artisans, martial participants, and noble volunteers. By seeing this through I make our dreams together come true, bring honor to his name, and serve his legend.

I will learn to let family, friends, and the society help me. I will do my best to serve with kindness, grace, and love.

There will be sadness, but there must be twice as much joy to remember him by. He loved fighting, conducting court and the honor of giving awards. While many of you knew his lighter side, he was an introspective man who put a lot of thought into his actions. Wearing the crown was a job, the best job he would say, but a job. It’s a commitment and a duty. He took it seriously and I do too.

The best way to honor him is to celebrate the positive impact he’s had on the society. Remember how fun the SCA can be. Enter Crown tourney, let us dance at 12th night court, go attend an event in a foreign kingdom. Set a goal and work diligently towards it. Try to understand others, forgive and be generous.

For many I will see you at Pennsic. At his memorial you will have the opportunity to write in a book and share your memories. A few of us will speak, but mostly this is a wake – this is for you to tell your own stories to each other and laugh at some of the outrageous antics I can’t believe he got away with.

Another place I encourage you to share memories is in the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/225785121370179/ We will all try very hard not to cry, but to raise our glasses and toast the man that just might have been #themostinterestingkingintheworld.

Titus crowns Anna Leigh

Prince Titus crowns Princess Anna Leigh. Photo by Jinx.