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An account of the court of Sven and Siobhan, King and Queen of Æthelmearc, held at The Scarlet Guard Archery Festival VI on the ninth day of June in the 53rd year of the Society in the Shire of Hornwood. Reported by Freiherrin Helena Mutzhasen, Windmill Pursuivant.

Their Majesties invited before Them Master Juan Miguel Cezar, Marshal in Charge, to speak about the varied archery challenges. He thanked the marshals and asked that some of the marshals also be invited into the Presence to present the winners of challenges.

Lord Snori skyti Bjarnson announced that there was a tie in The Scarlet Guard Classic (archery golf), but the decided the winner to be “The Independent Myrkies” because the team had two youth archers. The Team was awarded hoods made by Lord Snori skyti Bjarnson.

Snorri prizes

The Independent Myrkies team wins the Scarlet Guard Classic. Photo by Lord Mikus Magellus.

Master Robert the Grey announced the winners of The Friday Night Flight Shoot by category: Longbow (220 yards) by Master Robert the Grey; Recurve (268 yards) by Master Seamus McRay of Atlantia; Period bow (231 yards) by Lord Godai Katsunaga of Atlantia; Crossbow (247 yards) by Muhallim ibn Rashid.

Master Juan Miguel Cezar announced the winner of the X-Range to be Master Ambrosius MacDaibhidh who scored 60 of 100, and also noted Mary of Haverford, 12 years old, who scored 50 out of 100.

He continued and announced that the Iron Tassel competition raised $230 for the American Cancer Society, and was won by Mathias Blackett.

Finally, the Scarlet Guard Challenge was won by Fynlo Mac Cane of the Kingdom of Merides.

Scarlet Guard Challenge competitors

Competitors in the Scarlet Guard Challenge with the winner’s banner. Photo by Lord Mikus.

Their Majesties then summoned their Archery Champion, Alrekr Berggeson, thanked him of his service and divested him of his regalia. They then called forth Master Ambrosius MacDaibhidh and named him their new Archery Champion. Scroll illuminated by Princess Anna Leigh, with calligraphy by Freiherrin Helena Mutzhasen.

Ambrosius Archery Champ

Master Ambrosius is named the new Kingdom Archery Champion. Photo by Lord Mikus.

All the children present were asked to visit Their Majesties. Her majesty explained that each could get a toy from the toy chest, youngest first, so long as they all walked and were well behaved.

Their Majesties called for a very surprised Friduric von Meir, and spoke of his enthusiasm in many martial pursuits and his willingness to help. They then awarded him Arms. Scroll by Lady Felice de Thornton.

Their Majesties sought the presence of Bjarki Rickardson, and spoke of his dedication to the archery and heavy communities. For his service, they awarded him Arms. Scroll by Analaith ingen Trena.

Their Majesties then asked to see Godfrey de Bayeux. They spoke of his skill with thrown weapons and were pleased to discover his skill with archery as well, and awarded him Arms. Scroll calligraphed by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova on an unsigned illumination.

The ranks of nobility not yet being complete, Their Majesties bid Thomas and Astrid of the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands present themselves. Both proved themselves assets to their Barony as well as the thrown weapons community. Both were awarded Arms. Matching scrolls made by THL Edana the Red.

Their Majesties then called forth any for whom this was their first event. The newcomers being shy, Her Majesty reached out to them personally and brought them into court. She welcomed them to the society and gave them each a priceless glass bead for them to remember their event.

Their Majesties asked all scribes to stand and be recognized for their hard work over the past year.

Lady Hannah Browere, Event Steward, was called forth and thanked for her work. Their Majesties generously gave coin of the realm to her to pass onto her staff.

Their Majesties received an envoy from the Kingdom of Meridies, an aptly named Master William Brewer, who presented Their Majesties with a bottle of mead made by his hand.

Her Majesty then sought the presence of Baron Edward Harbinger, who shot arrows and marshaled through injury and pain, and named him her Inspiration of the day.

Their Majesties asked if there was any further business. A lost cane was presented, with the owner identified.

There being no further business after, court was closed.